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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Sep 13, 2021

#186 This week I’m here with Cyndi O’Meara and this episode is all about nutrition and what consuming healthy food can do for us. Cyndi is a nutritionist, filmmaker, and an educator whose passion for teaching enables everyone to make healthier choices. During our conversation today, we discuss the importance of healthy food, the role of our upbringing in our lifestyle choices, how we can shield ourselves from the negative effects of mainstream media, and how we can learn to reconnect with our bodies. If you are looking for more ways to contribute to your mental and physical health, this episode is for you.

“I said, I know exactly what the what the human body needs. It needs real food. That was the 1980s. And my mantra hasn't changed.”

About Cyndi: Cyndi O'Meara is a nutritionist and educator whose greatest love is to teach, both in the public arena and within the large corporate food companies, and to enable everyone to make better choices so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their lives.  Her unique, surprisingly simple yet extensively researched but down-to-earth approach, challenges and encourages others to eliminate unhealthy habits and has inspired thousands to make smarter choices about the food they choose to put into their body.

Cyndi confronts her audiences, whether within the public or corporate sectors, she has the courage to call out deception and misinformation and believes in arming people with the tools and resources to reach their goals. By educating people on food choices, how to read food labels, why diets don’t work, and how drugs can affect your total well-being and vitality, Cyndi empowers them to make long lasting changes with simple and achievable steps on how to create healthier habits.

Cyndi's Website:
Changing Habits | Health for all generations

Cyndi’s Programs:
Lifestyle Programs | Changing Habits

Cyndi’s Documentary:
What's With Wheat | Eat at your own risk. (

Key points with time stamp:

  • Does upbringing play a role in joyful living? (00:11)
  • Does an unhealthy upbringing foster unhealthy life habits? (02:10)
  • What can actually heal us? (07:52)
  • Will the state of the world today push us to reconnect with our bodies? (13:13)
  • The negative effects of mainstream media (18:30)
  • How can we learn from adversity? (22:47)
  • The interplay between health and happiness (34:36)
  • What skills should we impart to our children or grandchildren? (40:42)
  • “You, are all powerful” (45:23)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • 180 Nutrition, Guy’s previous company
  • Many Lives, Many Masters, 1988. A book by Dr. Brian Weiss
  • Bruce Lipton

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