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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Dec 13, 2020

#149 Have you ever wondered what happens after we die? That is a seemingly unanswerable question, because most people don’t return from that experience to then talk about it.  But David is one of the lucky few. David Ditchfield is an author, composer, and an artist with an incredibly mind-blowing story. In 2006, he survived being dragged under a speeding train and now has made it his life mission to spread a positive message and change people’s lives for the better.

In our conversation, we talked about his near-death experience and how he was able to open up about it almost immediately, and despite being dyslexic, write a book about his journey. I hope listening to this episode helps you understand the concept and the joy of living in the moment. I also hope it gives you something to think about when it comes to the fear of death, and how we are all here for a purpose. Enjoy!

About DavidDavid Ditchfield is an NDE-inspired artist, composer, near-death experiencer and author. He wants to use his NDE to make a positive difference to people’s lives. After surviving being dragged under a speeding train in a freakish accident in 2006, David found solace in art and music. He wrote a book called Shine On about his journey, and now spends his second chance at life painting dramatic paintings of what he had seen in the afterlife, with an artistic ability far beyond what he had before, and composing classical music.

He discovered a talent for composition after having survived the accident. He had never received any musical training, and to this day cannot read or write a single note of musical notation. However, his debut NDE-inspired symphony, The Divine Light, was premiered at a sell-out orchestral concert to a standing ovation.

He currently lives, paints, and composes in a converted riverside mill near Cambridge, UK.

David’s Music:

Key points with time stamp:

  • David’s work in his own words (0:16)
  • Reactions to David’s story and near-death experience (1:20)
  • What was David before being an artist and composer? (3:09)
  • Did David always know he was going to be who he is now? (4:13)
  • Writing a book about his journey (5:06)
  • Opening up about the accident (6:41)
  • The near-death experience (9:21)
  • Did David had a choice to come back to his body or to continue the experience? (26:21)
  • Did David experience any physical changes after coming back to his body? (29:07)
  • Seeing the world after surviving a near-death experience (33:29)
  • About spiritual healing (35:12)
  • Becoming a composer (37:22)
  • What does life look like for David now? (42:40)
  • Art, music, and self-expression as therapy (44:12)
  • What David learned through this experience (45:09)
  • Is a low point necessary in order to become conscious and awake? (46:24)
  • David’s plans for the future (48:23)
  • What David leaves us with (50:01)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Anita Moorjani
  • Jeffery Olsen
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Beethoven
  • Bach
  • The BBC
  • NDA (Near-death experience)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • COVID-19
  • Shine On, David’s book

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