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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jul 5, 2021

#176 My wonderful guest this week is Ian Morris. Ian is a multi-instrumentalist, poet, author, artist, intuitive healer, and the founder of Listening to Smile. During our conversation today, we talk about Ian’s musical journey, his battle with cancer and MS, and how music and sound became a highly effective tool for his healing.

If you struggle with health issues and or excessive stress, and if you are looking for new ways to heal yourself, then this episode is for you.

“The last10 years of my life has been me being a student of intention, of learning the power of intention, and how it creates the manipulations in matter, that you want to create your life.” 

About Ian: Ian Morris is the founder of Listening to Smile - Healing Frequency Minded Music for Personal Growth and Wellbeing.

Ian has over 25 years’ experience in the performing arts field and has made it his life’s goal to use his gifts and passion to be of service to people in search of healing.

As a multi-instrumentalist, he instinctively sought solace in music. It was during this time of very poor health that he came across information about the sacred healing potentials of sound and vibration and began to study further. He began creating and producing compositions of tones and frequencies which lead him to personally reclaim his health. He started his career at Interlochen Centre for the arts in Interlochen, MI. Shortly after, he founded a non-profit called Homemade Genius where he worked in the underserved community with music, art, and after school programs. His healing method quickly grew into the beginning stages for his company Listening to Smile which he founded in November 2016. Today Listening to Smile is international. Iran runs his company with his partner, Dana Kato, where they are growing awareness for Sound Healing and working as true pioneers in the field.

Ian's Website:

Key points with time stamp:

  • Using Frequency Minded Meditation Music to Transform (00:00)
  • What is a sound alchemist? (00:41)
  • The potential of live performances in our time (02:41)
  • Ian’s musical journey (5:27)
  • The effects of breathwork and sound healing (8:37)
  • Books, meditation, or music? (12:46)
  • The power of intention (15:28)
  • The importance of taking your power back (17:47)
  • The effects of stress on your health (18:44)
  • Lifestyle changes when dealing with an illness (20:18)
  • Career, music, and healing (22:36)
  • Stepping into the unknown of a career in music (25:05)
  • Is hitting rock bottom really the reason for growth? (30:19)
  • What are frequencies? (34:23)
  • What are sound palettes? (38:39)
  • Frequencies and their impact (40:55)
  • The future of frequencies and music (44:58)
  • Listening to Smile (48:08)
  • Using your voice to tone into your energy centres (51:21)
  • The true power of voice (54:47)
  • Breathwork, meditation and sound healing (58:53)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Noel Gallagher
  • Victor Wooten
  • Béla Fleck
  • You Can Heal Your Life, A book by Louise Hay
  • The healing power of sound, A book by Dr. Michael Gaynor
  • Reversing diabetes with diet, 2006. A book by Dr. Neal Barnard
  • The schumann resonance
  • Chakra frequencies
  • Dr Todd Ovokaitys
  • Matt Omo

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