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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Oct 25, 2021

#192 My wonderful guest today is Jan Phillips. Jan is an activist, thought leader, award-winning author and speaker. During our conversation today, we discuss the effects of polarization due to opposing beliefs, the freeing effects of a regular spiritual practice, how other people’s negativities can dim our lights, and how we can find our true purpose in life by leaning into our pain. We also discuss Jan’s latest book, Still on Fire, and how it raises awareness about the LGBTQ community.

If you’ve been struggling with the beliefs and dogmas pushed on to you by your surroundings and are looking for ways to create your own original beliefs, then this episode is for you.

“To me, the spiritual practice moves us closer and closer to that sense of union with the very thing we can't touch.”

About Jan: Jan Phillips is a thought leader, award-winning author and dynamic speaker. She is co-founder and executive director of the Livingkindness Foundation.

Jan has worked in 23 countries presenting keynotes, workshops, and retreats. She creates a unique multi-sensory experience, weaving humor, storytelling, video and music to inspire and ignite insights for life-changing action. Jan shows people how to access their wisdom, activate their creative energy and communicate with passion and power.

Her own quest has led her into and out of a religious community, across the U.S. on a Honda motorcycle, and around the world on a one-woman peace pilgrimage. Blending east and west, art and activism, reflection and ritual, Jan’s presentations are transformative, uplifting and soul-stirring.

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Key points with time stamp:

  • The meaning of unity and being the servant of unity (00:12)
  • How can we start to connect to the deeper aspects of ourselves? (04:58)
  • The role of meditation in creating balance (09:25)
  • To what extent do our traumas allow for spiritual exploration? (12:29)
  • How can we become unburdened by other people’s mental debris? (18:38)
  • What if we alienate people based on their beliefs? (21:20)
  • Feeling spiritually adrift and how to find your way (30:51)
  • Co-Creation and our purpose on Earth (38:15)
  • Personal responsibility in improving the future (39:55)
  • Realizing and overcoming old beliefs (41:55)
  • Raising awareness of the LGBTQ community: a goal of Still on Fire (44:48)
  • “What keeps you from a spiritual practice?” (49:16)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Still on Fire, Jan’s latest book

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