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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jan 31, 2022

#202 Today, my amazing guest is Penny P. Lavin. Penny is an author, filmmaker, and energy healing practitioner. During our conversation today, we discuss Penny’s documentary and the following book, The Healing Field. We talk about how anybody can practice energy healing, how to get clarity on the big decision in life, and how we all have the power to change the energies that weigh us down.

If you are looking for actionable practices you can integrate into your daily practice, this episode is for you.

About Penny: Penny Price Lavin is an award-winning producer and filmmaker and has worked on Good Morning America, NBC Magazine and many documentaries. She has been practicing energy medicine since 1995 and became an Instructor/Practitioner with One Light Healing Touch,™ where she is committed to helping others learn, heal, and evolve.

Penny's Website:

Key points with time stamp:

  • On practicing energy healing and making The Healing Field documentary (00:08)
  • What can you expect to find in The Healing Field book? (02:29)
  • Inheriting trauma from our parents in the form of energy (06:29)
  • Can anybody practice energy healing? (12:04)
  • Stories of energy healing in practice (14:09)
  • Penny’s journey into the world of energy healing (19:20)
  • Advice on how to communicate with your partner about your healing journey (25:32)
  • How to get clarity on the big decision in life (30:29)
  • Penny’s morning routine (35:02)
  • What is the Running Energy practice and how can it benefit your day? (36:04)
  • “You have the power to change the energy” (43:20)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • The Healing Field: Exceptional Healing Practices to Change your Life, 2020. Penny’s book
  • One Light Healing Touch, an energy healing school
  • The Healing Field: Exploring Energy and Consciousness, 2014. Penny’s documentary
  • Gaia
  • Bruce Lipton
  • Lynne McTaggart
  • Kenneth Cohen
  • Candace Pert
  • Hyla Cass
  • Qigong
  • Gerald Epstein
  • Ron Lavin
  • The Living Matrix, 2009. A documentary directed by Greg Becker and Harry Massey
  • Helen Keller

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