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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Oct 25, 2020

#142 This week, my amazing guest is Doreya Karim. We had a really incredible conversation which I recommend you actually listen to more than once. Doreya is the director and vice-president of BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. and she has taught over 30 trainings in 8 countries aimed at introducing the principles of Biogeometry.

In this episode we introduce you to the beautiful concept of Biogeometry and we talk about architecture, the energy that spaces hold, and how the spaces we occupy can actually help us heal. I hope that this episode will help you on your journey of understanding the human body as multi-dimensional and changing your relationship with your environment.

About Doreya: Doreya Karim is the director and vice-president of BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. Within this role, Doreya manages the BioGeometry research and product development team directly under BioGeometry founder, Dr. Ibrahim Karim and has had the opportunity to head several BioGeometry research and application projects in the fields of animal farming, architecture, and design.

In 2007, Doreya was awarded a certificate of merit from the Swiss government for her participation as part of the BioGeometry team in the Electro-smog harmonization solution in Hirschberg, which was the second wide-scale environmental harmonization solution successfully applied by BioGeometry in Switzerland. This project was realized in collaboration with local government, Swisscom the national telecome provider and the official Mediation Authority for telecommunication and Environment.

Doreya’s current research and application has helped achieve a sustainable solution for raising chemical, antibiotic-free chickens in Canada as well as research on using shapes to lower low leukocyte counts in dairy farming. Ongoing research in BioGeometry is focused on how classroom design affects functioning of children with Autism and ADHD.

Key points with time stamp:

  • What is Biogeometry (2:07)
  • Doreya’s work in her own words (5:35)
  • The beginnings of Biogeometry (12:37)
  • Locations with the power to balance energy, and their creation (19:32)
  • Doreya’s interpretation of healing and how it contrasts to Western medicine’s definition (25:56)
  • Are we able to recreate sacred spots with Biogeometry? (34:25)
  • The healing properties of pendulums (39:44)
  • Using Biogeometry to improve meditation workshops (45:52)
  • Doreya’s hopes for the future of Biogeometry (49:23)
  • What Doreya leaves us with (56:58)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Biogeometry
  • Ibrahim Karim
  • Paul Chek
  • ETH, University in Zurich
  • French Radiesthesia
  • TCM
  • Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED Talk, My Stroke of Insight
  • Giza pyramids
  • Swisscom
  • Back to a Future for Mankind, Ibrahim Karim
  • BioGeometry Signatures, Ibrahim Karim

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