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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

May 31, 2018

#18 My awesome guest this week is Steve Maxwell.

Famously know for his jujitsu training and fitness coaching, this podcast is about everything but the workout and diet. Steve has spent the last eleven years with all his material possessions he owns  in a 11kg backpack. We chat about what drives him to live this...

May 24, 2018

#18 My awesome guest this week is world-renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg.

There doesn't get many people more experienced than Sharon when it comes to teaching meditation. We cover all sorts of enlightening topics from her stay in India as an 18 year old, the many layers of meditation, faith and her new book...

May 17, 2018

#17 My awesome guest this week is entrepreneur Kerwin Rae.

I have huge respect for Kerwin and everything that he does. This podcast will leave you feeling very inspired and taking action on areas in your life that may need a little work.

As one of the Australia’s leading business strategists for over a decade, he has...

May 10, 2018

#16 This week I welcome breathing expert Dan Brulé.

Dan's has coached Tony Robbins, Navy Seals and hundreds of thousands of people on breath work mastery.

Few people in the world have more hands-on experience in Breathwork. More than 100,000 people in over 50 countries now apply Dan’s breathing exercises and...

May 3, 2018

#15 This week I welcome to the show Joshua Mantz.

This is one incredible podcast episode. I was truly moved and honoured to have Josh on the show.
Josh served as a platoon leader and was shot and killed by an enemy sniper. He flatlined for 15 minutes (yes you read that right) before being brought back to life.