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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jul 26, 2018

#27 This week my awesome guest is Anita Moorjani.

Her story is mind-blowing. What is even more incredible is how she lives her life now as a true light and inspiration for others. Doesn't settle for anything else than her authentic self and lives life fearlessly with true courage and kindness.

About Anita: Anita...

Jul 19, 2018

#26 This week my lovely guest Is Annie Peros.

Having previously been given a health scare, Annie started to seriously look at her own belief systems and how this impacted her and the way she saw herself and her health. 

Once transforming her own health, she quickly became a beacon for others. Many years later she then...

Jul 12, 2018

#25 This week my awesome guest is Shaun O'Gorman, founder of The Strong Life Project.

Whilst being on the front line with the police K9 (dog squad) unit, he was the first on the scene with most of the violent police incidents. From being shot at, high car speed chases, domestic violence... it's safe to say Shaun as seen...

Jul 5, 2018

#24 This week my amazing guest is dynamic motivational speaker Carren Smith.

This is one seriously powerful interview as Carren shares her Soul Survivor journey with the Bali bombing, and the steps she took after it to embrace life daily and inspire others to do the same.

Having spoken for groups from 20 to 20,000,...