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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Sep 27, 2018

#36 My awesome guest this week is Dr Ron Ehrlich, author of the best-selling book A Life Less Stressed..
I loved this interview today with Ron as he speaks openly and honestly about his diagnosis with prostate cancer, the impacts of stress and his wealth of knowledge and research within the wellness industry itself....

Sep 20, 2018

#35 My awesome guest this week is film-maker Bill Bennett. The man behind the recent documentary; PGS: Intuition Is Your Personal Guidance System.

I loved this conversation as we dive into Bill's journey making this movie, and after making 15 feature films that required planning and structure... he totally let go,...

Sep 13, 2018

#34 My awesome guest this week is Mario Martinez, author of the best-selling book The Mind-Body Code.
Mario has interviewed over 300 centenarians from around the world and who also live in 'Blue Zones'. People who are not only over 100 years old, but are mentally and physically healthy. Today we dive into what he...

Sep 6, 2018

#33 My awesome guest this week physicist, lecturer & author of the My Big T.O.E. (Theory Of Everything) Tom Campbell.
As you can imagine, when you get to chat to someone who was a NASA physicist, worked for the US department of defense and also explored consciousness for over 40 years, the conversation can go deep...