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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Oct 31, 2018

#41 My awesome guest this week is Amit Goswami. Yes we tackled quantum physics and what that means to us, but don't let the technical stuff put you off as the podcast goes way beyond that. We dive into what true love is, our purpose and the meaning of life. 
This conversation filled me up no end... Enjoy!

Oct 24, 2018

#40 My lovely guest this week is Anne Bérubé, best-selling author of Be Feel Think Do.
I loved this conversation! From her academic learning to then having a car crash with the gift of a mystical experience, we discuss her journey, taking the courage to let go of control and her philosophies to create change in our...

Oct 17, 2018

#39 My awesome guest this week is public figure Pete Evans who is a TV host, chef, author & entrepreneur.
I loved this conversation with Pete as we dive straight into the bigger question of who we really are and what it means to live life on our terms and allowing our authentic self to shine through. Be sure to add...

Oct 10, 2018

#38 My lovely guest this week is Louise Viveiros, who is a movement and fitness coach and busy mum.
This interview was taken from our members spotlight show within the Let It In Academy. Louise has been with the community since my first pilot workshop in October 2017. It's been wonderful watching her journey unfold as...

Oct 4, 2018

#37 My awesome guest this week is Ivo Pirisi who is a research biologist and founder of Tasting Sardinia.
We've been exploring the Blue Zones of Sardinia for the last week and Ivo has been our guide. In true Sardinian style we recorded this from a shepherds hut whilst drinking a glass of red wine :)
Here we discuss...