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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Sep 25, 2019

#93 My awesome guest this week is Penney Peirce. Best-selling author of ten books including; Frequency, Transparency and The Intuitive Way.
I first heard about Penney's book ' Frequency' many years ago, and she is someone I was excited to bring on the show today. We dive into exploring the dynamics of our own energy...

Sep 18, 2019

#92 This week I catch up with my good mate Matt Omo of Omo Sound Journeys. We just got back from our first workshop on our national tour,  so wanted to share our insights and learning from our recent workshop.
This is part #6 of the Let Go & Live In Flow podcast series. Some of the talking points we covered are:


Sep 11, 2019

#91 My awesome guest this week is Sky Nelson-Isaacs. A  physicist, author. speaker, and musician.
This was a conversation I was pretty excited about. When a scientist writes a book call Living In Flow: The Science Of Synchronicity &  How Your Choices Shape The World, he was someone I just had to have on my podcast....

Sep 4, 2019

#90 I recently appeared on my wife Lynda Griparic's podcast Love & Guts, and wanted to share it with you here.
Nobody knows me better than her, and she really put me under the microscope. There are many things I've not shared before, as we discuss what this work has done for us, and how we look after the mind, heart...