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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jan 26, 2020

#110 Fresh off the back of our first two Let Go & Live In Flow retreats in Jan 2020, me, Matt Omo & Petra Brzovic discuss our big take-homes.
- Why awareness is key; we control our lives, not life controls us
- Be pulled by your vision, not pushed by your problems
- Why we should never underestimate how powerful we...

Jan 19, 2020

#109 My awesome guest this week is Shane Kelliher. A self-confessed self-help junkie, over perfectionist and seeker.
Shane joined my Let It In Program during 2019 after many years of meditating, searching and still struggling for answers. I invited Shane on the podcast to share his journey, Enjoy!
Show Notes from...

Jan 12, 2020

#108 This week's podcast is an intimate and personal conversation with myself and my wife Lynda.
We thought it would be great to share our high and low points of 2019 and the lessons we took from them, and also what we are excited about in 2020. We also dive into my gut protocol I am about to embark on!...

Jan 5, 2020

#107 My lovely guest this week is Professor Kylie O'Brien, an expert in Chinese medicine, integrative medicine & medicinal cannabis.
I've been wanting to get the facts straight around CBD oil, THC oil and medicinal cannabis for quite some time, so I invited Kylie onto my show. We discuss the many benefits, the...