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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jan 25, 2021

#153 This week, my amazing guest is Chris Volpe. Chris is an entrepreneur and the chief of Fox wardrobes. He is a truly wonderful embodiment of letting go and allowing for positive energies to flow into life. This positivity is also very noticeable in how he expresses what he does, which is to “create space for what...

Jan 18, 2021

#152 My amazing guest today is Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, with a truly mind-blowing conversation revolving around the concept of cell regeneration and aging. Todd is a medical doctor, formally trained at Johns Hopkins University. Subsequently, when he was the Chief Medical Resident in the Georgetown University, he experienced...

Jan 12, 2021

I have just gotten back from our Live In Flow Retreat.

As you can imagine, the were many conversations around the current situations going on within our beautiful planet. This inspired me to re-post this episode I did with ex-journalist and media presenter (and good friend) Marcus Pearce.

This is an episode I truly...