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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Apr 11, 2023

#251 Alysa talked about how she helps people expand their consciousness and remember that they are divine in physical form. She speaks of how people of all ages are awakening to this concept, and how she gets a range of reactions when she talks to people about what she does. She explained that expanded consciousness is a journey of remembering who we are and recognizing our true potential. She noted that many people come to his workshops just for the experience, and she does her best to help them nurture the experiences and dig deep. She provides an analogy of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, talking about how she felt like she wasn't enough, and that she had to make it to the great and wonderful Oz in order to find fulfillment. Guy explained that expanded consciousness is a journey of self-discovery and awakening to who we really are.

She talked about how we can expand our consciousness beyond what we were taught life really is. She explained that she works with divine light energy, which she refers to as her guidance team. She believes that babies come into life knowing that they are multidimensional, but society conditions them to forget about this over time. She believes that people are now beginning to break through these restrictive programs and reclaim their multidimensional nature, even though it can be a terrifying experience.

Alysa was born with an ability to access expanded consciousness and awareness, and she was fortunate enough to have a mother who supported and nurtured these gifts. However, the rest of the world, including school, media, and television, told her that this wasn't normal, and she should shut it down. At the age of seven, her mother handed her The Silva Method and taught her how to access alpha states, and his mother continued to encourage and support her in developing her skills.

About Alysa: Alysa Rushton also known as the “Divine Superpowers Activator”, went from dying on the toilet from an overdose of 28 medications that western medicine had told her she needed to manage her multiple autoimmune diseases to losing 120 lbs, healing herself and bringing back guidance and new DNA activations from the other side. Now she is an ascension guide for light leaders & light workers and helps you activate even more of your divine light & healing gifts.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • (00:00) - A Journey of Healing and Transformation
  • (02:20) - Expanding Consciousness
  • (06:38) - Exploring Expanded Consciousness and the Multidimensional Human Experience
  • (10:52) - Interview with Psychic Medium, Dr. Michelle Belanger
  • (13:52) - The Impact of Unprocessed Emotions on Mental Health
  • (17:37) - The Impact of Trauma on Human Behaviour
  • (23:04) - The Bounds of the Universe: A Near-Death Experience with Fentanyl Addiction
  • (25:24) - Alyssa's Near-Death Experience
  • (27:18) - Exploring the Universe: Out-of-Body Experience
  • (30:06) - Alyssa's Near-Death Experience and Return to Earth
  • (37:11) - Reflections on Near-Death Experience Integration
  • (39:19) -  Exploring the Afterlife
  • (40:51) - Reflections on a Near-Death Experience and the Journey to Recovery
  • (44:50) - The Possibility of Choice in Life and Death
  • (52:06) - A Journey to Improved Health Through Nutrition
  • (53:12) - Addressing Trauma and Pain Through Self-Care
  • (56:33) - A Vision of Recovery and the Power of Audiobooks
  • (58:24) -  Taking Responsibility for Health and Well-Being
  • (1:01:49) - Trauma Stuck in the Body and the Use of Suppressive Foods
  • (1:03:59) - The Intersection of Food, Trauma, and Consciousness with Dr. Nicole LePera
  • (1:06:42) - The Shift to a Higher Level of Consciousness
  • (1:08:19) - The Exploring Fifth Dimensional Consciousness: Moving Beyond 3D Success Matrixes
  • (1:11:06) - Exploring Higher States of Consciousness Through Brainwave Frequencies and Light
  • (1:13:36) - The Benefits of Light Frequency Technology and Theta Wave Meditation
  • (1:15:18) - The Power of Imagined Light with Dr. Kim D’Eramo
  • (1:18:01) - Shifting Your Frequency to Create a Ripple Effect

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