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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Nov 22, 2022

#237 Everything is made of energy and has its own unique vibration, including you. Everything is in a constant state of receiving and radiating energy. The frequency of this energy falls on a spectrum from light to dark. Light energy is infinite, effortless, and rooted in love. Dark or shadow energy is dense and rooted in fear. As an electromagnetic being, you attract experiences and relationships that match your frequency. 

How do you know what frequency you are vibrating at? You may sense this energy by seeing colors or hearing sounds, or you may just know it. If you pause before you think, speak, or act, you can usually sense whether you’re spurred by doubt, insecurity, control, or the need to be perfect or you’re coming from a place of truth, creativity, love.

You are in for a very powerful time as I am honored to have Spiritual Accelerator, expert energy clearer, and master tracker, Bonnie Serratore as our guest in this episode. She specializes in removing and clearing all unwanted foreign energy from all time and space which interfere with the expression of our Divine self. Bonnie will share how we can unravel our deepest emotional wounding and accelerate our personal growth. 

She will talk about the “New Paradigm”, the shift of energy and consciousness that our planet is transitioning into, which I’m sure you’ve been seeing when you look around the world. Never before, at least in our recorded history, has so much awareness, awakening, care and concern been so palpable. Bonnie will unwrap that and so much more for us. I hope it benefits you as much as it did me. Enjoy!

About Bonnie: Bonnie Serratore is the Founder and CEO of  Spiritual Acceleration, a practice she started to lead programs for professional healers who are committed to assisting their clients and patients in transforming their lives. She teaches and trains them in energy and entity removal, past life clearing, implant removal, and intuitive development. She also leads weekly classes and intensives for those who are not healers themselves. 

Bonnie has created numerous workshops, seminars, retreats and programs on higher consciousness, spiritual evolution and core emotional clearing. She has been featured in the film Awaken Soul to Soul by Guru Rendezvous and led retreats for YPO (Young Presidents Organization). She is the author of “The Way Back Home - How to Clear the Energy of Emotional Wounding” and has been helping people achieve core emotional clearing and healing at the subconscious level for more than 33 years. That has resulted in the liberation of people from core emotional wounds and fixed lifelong patterns. 

She works in all time, space, and realities using the white flame of creation, referring to herself as a trans-shaman. Bonnie’s highly developed intuition allows her to identify the core issue and swiftly address the root of the problem. She is a natural born intuitive of Sioux heritage, possessing highly accurate and refined skills. Not following any tradition, Bonnie’s work goes beyond any known form of shamanism or energy work resulting in permanent change. As founder and director of the ReNascent center located in Sonoma, CA for thirteen years, she provided workshop intensives and held retreats. 

Bonnie has been a guest teacher at the J.F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill and the CA Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and a guest on PBS television and radio talk shows. She is recognized by the elders in the Tlingit tribe in Alaska for her abilities in the shamanistic realms and has worked with individuals and groups throughout the United Sates, Europe, and parts of the Middle East.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • Spiritual Acceleration. Healing In All Time, Space & Realities (00:00)
  • Working with the unseen realms to help clear foreign energy that doesnt belong in people’s space. (00:36)
  • How frequencies from the energy realms affect your life. (02:11)
  • Living by your soul’s purpose. (06:36)
  • Cleaning energy instead of recycling it so as to truly heal. (09:57)
  • Why you must surrender to the energy that presents itself. (14:07)
  • Getting to the point where you will be the full expression of yourself. (16:14)
  • Different forms of trauma that we all carry. (22:35)
  • Cracking the Code: How to track and clear the energy that wounds you emotionally. (24:45)
  • Multiple aspects of us having multiple lives in different realities. (29:48)
  • The power of facing your own self especially in the midst of the energy shift that’s currently happening on earth. (40:40)
  • Embracing that you are creator incarnate and have the light within you. (47:45)

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