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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Aug 15, 2019

#87 My awesome guest this week is Sanjay Rawal, a film director and the man behind his latest documentary 3100 Run and Become
It's safe to say I am not much of a runner, and rest assured you don't need to be to enjoy this podcast. This episode goes waaaaay beyond running and what was shared was quite mind-blowing. 
In a nutshell, Sanjay’s latest film is 3100: Run and Become gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the most elusive and elite multi-day race in the world, the Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. 

3100 Race Facts:

  • Held annually.

  • 1 x sidewalk block (0.56 miles)

  • Queens, NYC 

  • Requires 59 miles a day  

  • 52 straight days over Summer.

  • Promises personal expansion and discovery a deeper sense of self.


The act of running to transform oneself is as old as time. Ancient man and woman ran not just for survival, but to connect with Nature and the Divine. The film also explores the historic and current relationship between running and spirituality through intimate visits with the Marathon Monks of Japan’s Mt. Hiei; the persistence hunters of Africa’s Kalahari tribe; and Arizona’s Navajo Nation. Enjoy!

About Sanjay & the movie:  Sanjay Rawal worked in the human rights and international development sectors for 15 years and in over 40 countries before focusing his love for photography and storytelling onto filmmaking.

His first feature, Food Chains (2014), premiered at the 2014 Berlinale and then screened at Tribeca before securing domestic distribution from Screen Media. The film was produced by Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser and narrated by Forest Whitaker.  It went on to screen in 1,100 more through its theatrical, semi-theatrical & community screening tour.

A lifelong runner, Sanjay was happy to lose the pounds he gained eating Mexican food in farmworker towns and take on a project about running. His new film, 3100: Run and Become, opened in theaters in fall 2018.