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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Aug 9, 2020

#131 Miguel Franco joins the podcast today. He is a Consciousness Engineer who mentors business leaders in the process of superconscious activation so they can achieve and sustain high flow performance, enjoy their well-being and prosperity, and help others to do the same. He has over 35 years of research and teaching experience in the field of human consciousness, and he uses science-based and practical approaches in his work. In this episode, Miguel shares all sorts of experiences all the way to the mystical experiences as well, and his personal journey.

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- At age 3, he began having experiences of psychic phenomena in which he termed “experiences that were not from this planet”. He recalls seeing lights or luminescence in his room, used to hear voices like messages coming through.

- Being born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, these things are very common. So his curiosity about psychic processes and phenomena started picking up at a very young age.

- When Miguel was 12, he started connecting with Shamans from the Amazon. In fact, his dad and cousin were friends with one of the pioneers in making contact with tribes in the Amazon. He got connected with an indigenous guy from the Amazon Tribe who has been travelling from the Amazon to Sao Paulo for a few years to make contact with civilization. He started learning from the guy’s perspective. They believe that spirit is everywhere and in everything. They don’t believe that there is God. It is more like the spirit of the tree, the spirit of the fish, the spirit of the animal. Basically, the form of spirit is energy.

- In Brazil, they have a large population that are part of a philosophy science called Spiritism philosophy. There are thousands of spirits centers in Brazil and these centers teach mediumship or channeling. The centers are very effective and they have a spiritual guide. And their teaching is mixed with Science, Religion, and Philosophy.

- Miguel shared some of the fascinating experiences he had in the center. One of them is they close their eyes and start writing like a discography. It seemed like they were downloading information, with their eyes closed writing at a very high speed using pen and paper. Another fascinating experience he shared is they could immediately shift to any kind of language they are asked to write and they would continue writing in that language.

- Their teaching was also based on Christianity. There were a lot of religious messages in a sense. And they adopted this because they have want to have a peaceful coexistence with Catholicism in Brazil. Catholics have their understanding but this Spiritual Philosophy opened up the understanding in a much bigger way.

- Miguel believes that his psychic ability is a skill and anybody can learn it. But his journey to this was not only about curiosity. He wanted to have a deeper understanding and control over his abilities in order to function well in society.

- Studying engineering helped him have a very good grounding and knowledge in Science. Because it is based on pragmatic and analytical thinking, searching for explanations and not based on mystical experiences. His mission was to be free of those interpretations that are aligned to the concept of Gods & goddesses.

- Miguel had a near-death experience through a car accident at the age of 21. He was unconscious for 2 days and lay flat for a year and he couldn’t move. During the days when he was unconscious, he remembers vividly that he was in the universe where there's only pure joy and a lot of love. But when he regained his consciousness, he realized that he was really in bad shape after a series of operations. But until that moment, he woke up very joyful and was experiencing pure joy. In that experience, he recalled a voice saying “Go back to your body” and that’s when he came back.

- After studying Engineering, he went to study to two largest psychic schools in America. These schools taught Miguel to focus his own energy because his courses allowed him to own his space and run the energies he has in his body. They do meditation for 2 to 3 hrs. The whole training starts with getting to know your own energy system and one way of doing that is to read another person’s energy system. He attended this school for 6 years. He developed more than meditation technique, it is more of a practice.

- He developed a neutrality regarding religion. But he had a desire of creating a theory of everything. That something could bring together all the different things that exist, and that everything can coexist. He wanted to bring unification and the key to that is unconditional love. So that’s how everything can coexist peacefully.

- He became very passionate about car racing and at one point he even used to race go-karts with Ayrton Senna when they were in their early teens.

- His teaching career started after being featured in a book that was about “channeling”. His first book is called Perception which leads him to publish a second book, In The Age of Intuition. And one of his students reaches out to him to start their own center. They co-founded a training center in Sao Paulo.

- He presented his second book in one of the largest HR Conferences in Sao Paulo and his book was the best seller of the conference. It was the largest Latin America HR Conference and everybody was selling books on Management and he presented Energy Management but the work was well received.

- When Miguel started teaching to corporations, he worked with a manufacturing company and they asked him to create a program to bring coherence to their energy fields. That led him to create a year-long program that allowed him to engage with employees in a regular basis through car racing. The program was focused on increasing performance and well-being in the workplace. He got sponsored to do racing and he built a team in America. They sponsored Miguel to teach throughout the year a program where he could demonstrate how to build oneself into the state of high flow performance, achieve results, and overcoming limitations.

- Because of his car accident, he had been experiencing consequences due to the tragic experience. He had to close down his business in Brazil. The doctors found out that he has a brain tumor and he got really sick. Even the techniques that he taught for a living did not work for him. There was a total shutdown of his system. He considered it as a very humbling experience. That’s when he came up with the ego components. Destruct these behaviors and not only fixate on energetic approach.

“If our attention is not driven by our core intentions, it becomes driven by our environment or circumstances or by habitual penance of thinking and behaving”

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