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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Dec 19, 2018

#48 Are you ready for change? Recently appeared on the Body and Mind Factory Podcast with Blake Morrison. He recently came to one of my meditation workshops and had quite a profound experience!
Even though he invited me on his show to be interviewed, we have a great conversation about his experience, what happened within the body and how it's helped him take a closer looks at some things he wants to change... but more importantly, how it's helped him to action to create those changes. Enjoy!
About Blake: Blake Morrison is the founder and head coach at The Body Mind Factory (or BMF) which he created over 5 years. He have over 11 year’s experience in the health and fitness industry and a long background in semi-professional rugby league, including eight years with the Burleigh Bears and two years playing internationally in France.

Blake have a Certificate III & IV in Health and Fitness, Level 1 Strength & Conditioning, Level 1 in Nutrition and a Real Movement coach. 

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