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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Aug 16, 2021

#182 This week, my amazing guest is Dr. Doug Matzke. Doug is a scientist, researcher, and presenter in areas such as hyperdimensional mathematics, quantum computing, real intelligence, and metaphysics. During our conversation today, we discuss Doug’s latest book, Deep Reality, and the new knowledge that it adds to the current discourse of quantum computing and the human potential. We talk about hyper dimensions, the law of attraction, lucid dreaming, and how we can grow our minds and heal ourselves if we can understand hyper dimensions.

If you’ve ever wondered whether there is more to life than our physical existence, and or if you are a sceptic wondering if science can prove all this, then this is the episode for you. 

“If quantum is that powerful, and it's the basis of all of physics, well, why isn't it also the basis of mind?”

About Doug: Dr. Doug Matzke is a prolific scientist, researcher, and presenter in his areas of expertise about the limits of computation, hyperdimensional mathematics, neurocomputing, quantum computing, real intelligence and metaphysics. During his 45 year career, he was chairman of two PhsyComp ‘92/’94 workshops, contributed to 15 disclosed patents with 8 granted, has published more than 50 papers and presentations, and earned a PhD in Quantum Computing. Doug has adopted the moniker of “Quantum Doug” because he combines these deep-reality subjects as the source science beneath his quantum mind-based model of humanity.

Doug's Website:

Key points with time stamp:

  • Deep Reality: The Extraordinary Understanding of Our Sacred Nature & Human Potential (00:00)
  • Are you a quantum computer? (00:45)
  • What even is quantum? (04:13)
  • The western mind and the gap between science and spirituality (08:02)
  • Is our mind able to create? (09:17)
  • What does hyperdimensional mean? (12:15)
  • Quantum entanglement 101 (16:58)
  • Dissolving your ego to learn about the unknown (18:31)
  • The importance of quantum computers (19:26)
  • Spiritual experiences as backed by quantum physics (21:59)
  • The spiritual journey of Doug himself (23:39)
  • Could understanding hyper dimensions heal us from trauma? (25:40)
  • Do we experience a richer life if we possess more Prana? (29:20)
  • For the skeptic (31:11)
  • Using the law of attraction in our lives (34:14)
  • Infinite intelligence and tapping into our potential (40:24)
  • A spiritual IQ? (43:46)
  • The future of an awakened state of being (46:33)
  • Doug’s intention for Deep Reality (51:18)
  • Turn off the negative talk (53:12)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Deep Reality: Why Source Science May Be the Key to Understanding Human Potential, Doug’s book.
  • Professor Donald Hoffman
  • The Case Against Reality, A book by Donald Hoffman
  • Fred Alan Wolf, American physicist
  • Cubism
  • EBIT, an entangled bit
  • William A. Tiller, Doug’s co-author
  • Prana: Life energy
  • Anita Moorjani
  • Sparse distributed coding
  • Caroline Cory
  • Dr. Jeffery Thompson

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