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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jan 2, 2019

#50 I can't believe it. I made it to 50 episodes of The Guy Lawrence Podcast! 

Could there be a better way to celebrate as my 50th episode falls smack bang oil the first episode of 2019.

When I reflect on all my guests I have had on the show so far since I began it in February 2018, I honestly feel blessed to have had these conversations and be able to share them with you the listener. Without you tuning in and your support this show would simply not exist.

For this 'Down The Rabbit Hole' special, I've chosen six episodes from the forty nine and spliced it together with a bit of inside and personal journey on why they made it to my six. Actually selecting six for me was almost an impossible task as hand on heart I've loved everyone of them in my biased opinion.

So sit back and enjoy and hopefully you'll come across a few you may not yet have listened to. Enjoy!

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