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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jul 24, 2019

#84 I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on Alexx Stuart's Low Tox Life podcast. She asked some awesome questions and it was truly a great conversation.

The questions she asked me: 
  • Why did you leave 180 Nutrition and was it a hard decision?
  • What is Let It In and why call it that?
  • Who is this work for? Why should we even care?
  • Why do so many people struggle with meditation or even why we benefit from it?
  • How deep does this rabbit hole get?
  • You do live meditations over Zoom with your academy community. Many report a magnification of intense energy that they don’t experience by themselves. How does this even happen?
  • What kind of results have you seen with people who work with you?
  • Where does one start with this work?
  • You have a podcast called ‘The Guy Lawrence Podcast’ that fully goes down the rabbit hole. Who’s blown your mind the most?
  • What goes on in your retreats, Let Go and Live In Flow?
  • Who have your biggest mentors been for doing this work on your own personal journey towards understanding the deep benefits of meditation?
  • Is it always rosy, when we decide to do this work? Ie, does it just get better and better or can it sometimes bring up some painful realisations and herx reactions in your experience?
  • What is the role of music in meditation – do we need it / can we do without/does it amplify things?
About Guy: Guy Lawrence is a coach, speaker, wellness advocate and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Let It In. A program designed to help people bridge the gap between the life they live and the life they truly want to live.using meditation and the language of neuroscience. This is facilitated via live workshops, retreats and the online Let it In Academy membership-based community program. He also supports people via his podcast called ‘The Guy Lawrence Podcast’. These include conversations with pioneering experts that go well beyond conventional health, wealth and wisdom to inspire change in our lives. All episodes are freely available via Youtube, iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher.

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Guy:                  Welcome to the Guy Lawrence podcast. I'm your host Guy Lawrence. After building a successful health company and the number one podcast, I decided to do something deemed a little crazy. I let it go, set a new destination called the unknown and use my heart as it come from each week. I sit down with great minds as we explore topics beyond conventional health, wealth, and wisdom to inspire and ignite the passion within us all to create the life we truly want. So my question to you is, are you ready to let it in?

Guy:                  You all? How's it going guys? Guy here of course. Your host and a you're listening to my podcast. Awesome. I'm glad you made it today. Coz I've got a little bit different, same, same but different because the roles are reversed. I'm sharing an episode with you, uh, where I was interviewed recently and I was on the Alex Stewart podcast, Low Tox Life. It's a fantastic podcast by the way. I highly recommend you check it out. And, um, she does a awesome, basically an awesome job of interviewing people. And she certainly got the, uh, the good stuff out of me and, uh, I had a lot of good feedback from it and, uh, people reaching out, uh, thanking me for sharing and it was great. So I thought I'd actually turn it into a podcast, um, where you can hear a little bit more about me, the work I do and where I'm at and where or whether it's all.

Guy:                  And I think we really covered some important topics today, so hopefully you're going to enjoy, uh, this conversation that I had, be sure to let me know on Instagram, Guy H Lawrence. If you use Instagram, you know, screenshot it, uh, tell a buddy anything to help me spread this word. If you find yourself tuning in each week and enjoying the show, then I, you know, all the support is so welcome. I'm in a noisy world of information. Um, it's uh, you know, it really helps to help cut through a, to get this message out there coz it is changing lives and it's beautiful and I'm loving it. Absolutely loving it. Now, as I record this, I'm not sure when this is end. Uh, so I'm not sure what's been going on, but the retreats might've happened. They might not have no August, but we do have another one booked in for January.

Guy:                  If you have missed out on August retreats cause there was only a couple of spots left posted, sold out and there is a lot of interest and a waiting list for the January one, which is awesome, which is awesome. But that means, you know, as my work, uh, and this message gets out there more, uh, you know, I'm going to be reaching more people so the spots go quicker. Um, which is brilliant and we are making 20, 20, um, be focusing more on the retreats that will be coming up as well. And we're even looking at doing, um, an advanced retreat on top three day retreat, if you think that's possible. But it is and I come and experience it. They're amazing. Honestly, I promise you, you will definitely walk on a different person when you walked in and you will make friends for life and uh, you'll learn how to embody this work fully, which is brilliant, which is my dream coming into, um, reality, which is what it's all about. Right? Anyway, that's a just some sign up to my newsletter. If you haven't back at That's where I keep everyone updated. Um, yeah, hopefully I'll meet you in person Monday. Thanks for listening. Enjoy this conversation with Alex.

Guy:                  Be sure to let me know. Awesome guys.

Alexx:                Hello and welcome to the Low Tox Life podcast. I'm Alex Stewart, your host and today is show 144. And my guest is Guy Lawrence. So, uh, some of you might remember and if you haven't listened to this show before, please do go back and listen to it. The first time that Guy Lawrence was on the show. And, uh, we talked about his exploration of various ways that one can push one's mind, uh, and how the effects then impact life. Uh, and we spoke about that very much from his personal experience. Guy is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur. A lot of you might know him as having founded the one 180 nutrition brand. Uh, but he also then went on to found a very deeply personal business project called, Let It In after having experienced so many shifts, uh, with, uh, some experimental therapies, let's call it, uh, over the years. And some of those include Wim Hof method.

Alexx:                Some of them include Iowasca, some include the work of Dr. Joe Spencer. And as he went on, he started to build his own personal brand of how to help people shift from a life, uh, where they felt a sense of lack in, in terms of their own potential. And, uh, and to let in the magic of the mind shifts that, uh, that we need to really live, uh, the life we want and create, um, transformation. And it's not kind of, we were Tony Robbins live the life you want and transform yourself. It's really beautiful, deep connecting to the self work. And uh, you might have taken the opportunity already in the last couple of weeks to download your free seven minute heart coherence meditation, uh, and a five step morning routine that guy has now. He is not one of those people that professors that you need to do this routine exactly this way every morning.

Alexx:                Otherwise it's not going to work. You know, some of us have a bazillion kids a job, uh, you know, lots of, lots of busy days in the week and it really is just about starting to um, focus on prioritizing ourselves and realizing that every aspect of our life goes much, much better when we gift ourselves a bit of time in the mornings to center ourselves. And sometimes for people they might find that ends up being at the very end of the day when it's quiet and there are children asleep and it's easier to make space then. So this can look how ever you want it to look for yourself. But that hot space, uh, the heart coherence meditation is a real treat. And, uh, I think there's a Chinese proverb that says, if you don't have 30 minutes, you must take an hour. Uh, and I think, uh, if we can't take seven minutes, then really we really need to take a good long, hard look at ourselves and, uh, and try and figure out why we aren't carving out time for ourselves to get centered.

Alexx:                And, uh, and uh, I guess, you know, really connect to to ourselves. You're so often, you know, the minute our eyes open, it's Facebook, it's Instagram, it's checking the emails. It's uh, one child who's lost their sockets, the average child who wants to have a cat or not peanut butter on the toasters. It's everything coming at you from outside. And if we start our days like that in reaction mode, we haven't had the chance to be intentional about anything. And often we can get more flustered by those little things that are of course going to come our way in a busy morning regardless. So I'm a really big fan of this commitment to self. And, um, and please do take the time to download the seven minute meditation. You will not regret it. So, um, www dot. Let it Dot. AAU forward slash Alex with two xs and that will be the link for you to download that, a meditation and morning routine to see if a, if that might create some shifts for you.

Alexx:                So in, uh, in guys words, he did mystifies meditation to create transformation from the inside out and he's taught hundreds of students approven roadmap that he applies daily, um, to create a future you, you truly desire. And so this is very much, you know, it's almost like a singer songwriter that you can say, I can see those influences from this artist and that artist that came before him. And, uh, and I, I very much see that in, in guy, I think of people like Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, you know, some of the people who are at the absolute forefront of neuroscience and what guys gift is, is taking those often very complex themes, often quite expensive, hard to reach, get to events, et cetera. We have to be realistic about that and create something really accessible for people through his memberships, through his own retreats here in Australia and um, and workshops. So I know a few of you low tuxes have been to guys workshops and really, really enjoyed it. So I'm really looking forward to sharing this chat with you guys today and uh, and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed this conversation.

Alexx:                Hey Guy, how are you?

Guy:                  I'm fantastic Alex. Thank you for having me on the show.

Alexx:                I'm really excited for this conversation, especially now. I know a little bit more about what you've been rabbiting on about all these years, makes him feel like I can actually have a conversation about this rather than being curious about who I'm interviewing. You know what I mean? So for people who haven't come across you, your work, your class with one 80 nutrition, I think we really good to start today by talking a little bit about your, um, therea as a pessimist, China. You know, that was really one of the big things that you were doing as you moved into one 80 and a and the curious reasons as to why you might've left such a burgeoning fantastic, um, supplement company. You know, there's such beautiful whole food powders for people for this movies and, and breakfast bowls and things and uh, and everything was going so well, but you decided to pivot. So I think that's always interesting to learn about people's experiences from the outside.

Guy:                  100%. Yeah, I'm a realized as well when you, I love the word pivot and there's an element of living life where I realized now that you kind of almost need to stay ahead of the curve in terms of being able to see maybe things that are coming from the way you live in your life. Sometimes we want to deny, uh, what can be happening and we suppress and hide away from it. And then it'll cost us a snowball, can become an avalanche in time. And, and I felt that's what was happening for me. You know, I've always been a searcher, Alex, ever since I can remember. It's just in my DNA. I don't know why. Um, and I always, I'm a daydreamer as well, so I always kind of find the size and go, this is the life I kind of live, but I actually lean in and I've made choices of my life.

Guy:                  There can be the led me on all sorts of directions and pause and, but there was always fundamental beliefs holding me back that I didn't realize subconsciously, um, through my twenties, you know, it cost me many relationships. I never held down a job. I traveled so much and I realized traveling was a way of me avoiding anything really. Even though it, it told me so many beautiful things about life and so many skillsets at the same time, there was a deep sadness inside that wanted me to, what is it? Am I broken? What's on? I just couldn't piece anything together. And I immigrated to Australia in an almost like a last ditch attempt to start from ground zero again. Um, and then I got into the fitness industry and I loved it. I used to play rugby. I was always into my sports and I was passionate about that.

Guy:                  And I really love working with people. I just, I was just, I could talk to people all day. I really could. And especially if we hit it off and I'd like many conversations. And one of the biggest Epiphanes I had was, was seeing that my own belief structure started diminish, especially around nutrition and health. And I'm sure you've seen it with the low talks industry in your own personal journeys, right? Um, and I got really passionate and pissed off about it. So I ended up creating a product and founding a company called one 18 nutrition back in 2010 where I was getting frustrated with people coming into me asking for all this nutritional advice, but then yet leaving, feeling stuck and still eating and doing the same things that were probably getting them into the position in the first place. So I thought if we could create a product that would actually help people not to think make it much easier.

Guy:                  It was like a more natural protein smoothie. We could make an and and the next thing you know, and I was in a place where, I don't know, I, I wasn't happy, but I found this passion and I could move in and within three and a half years we were turning over millions of dollars in a year and I'd never kind of seen anything like that in my own life before. And I was like, oh my God, what the hell is going on with all this? But I was following my heart and I wasn't really attached to anything. But at the same time I had a podcast and I was exploring so many facets of health because I realized that so many beliefs and so many things that I believe to be true that just wasn't on my own belief systems would be challenged. I was like, well, if I'm wrong about that, what else am I wrong about?

Guy:                  Or what am I doing? So I really started to explore the self and explore the health industry and for over that time it just started leading me to a body of work, which is obviously what we're going to end up talking about today. And I couldn't. The more I, the more I learned, the more I just couldn't believe what was going on. And from this exploration, and I'm sure we'll get into it in a sec, but it just got to a point where I was trying to help people with their health. I was trying to get a message out, but for me this, this work was the missing component completely. Because if we're not willing to start to address how we think and our emotional states and on come the observer of those things at any in time, we tend to then find the external things like that can be holding the spark and it could be negative or it could be just poor choices day by day that we make not are continually keeping us in our sells areas where we stuck and it had such an impact on me.

Guy:                  It was actually changing me as a person. I was starting to really evaporate and let go or have a lot of negative belief systems and emotions that I didn't actually realize that I was living with because it was so familiar. Well it's the unconscious mind isn't it? It's the unconscious mind. Yeah, exactly. So then I was found myself in this position where, you know, I was in the company, I was in the business, a partnership with Stu and, and, and it was all going great, but the, the self was dissolving like the, I was breaking down inside to degree. But what I realize now is that I was just shedding the old self and my true self was starting to come through or the next sort of chapter of my own evolution of me if you'd like. And I think that happens so often with all of us, but we don't, we never give them the tools to look at this or handle this or even aware that this exists.

Guy:                  But because I had, cause I was already learning these tools. So instead of suppressing it, which would, I've done what I've done for so many years and why I've got myself in unhappy situations in the past, whether the way I was living my life, I started to embrace it and started to go, okay, well what it was, if this is actually a gift, one of them is if I can actually start to step into this unknown and uh, and allow this better version of myself to come through, or this improved whatever, I don't know if bet as the right word and start to help others with this. So I, I just, it was just bursting out of me. So I made a conscious decision and it was terrifying. Don't get me wrong, you know, I'm set up. I'd finally got to a position in life where I was earning good money.

Guy:                  I'd never experienced that before. I thought this was me, this was, this was my purpose and yet it was unraveling. So my ego, I was able to let it go and have to go, okay, this might be nodded after all. And maybe there's more, maybe there's more to life. And I always think about do I, when I, when I'm old and you know, I'm in my final days of my life cause it's gonna happen for all of us at some stage. I often think about that and look back, would I be happy with this decision I'm about to make right now? Yes or no. And the more I have that relationship and connection with myself, the more I kind of just trying to wonder my heart instead of my head. And it was a big decision that I thought, well if I'm going to teach this stuff and have color to live by it fully, you know, I can't be an 85% and then go around spotting it out, this is what you need to do. It's like, no, no, I want, I want to, I want to inspire people by my actions. Not so much by my words. Yeah. And stepping down and making that decision to move was incredible because it felt like I was coming out of the closet. All right.

Alexx:                Yeah. Yeah. Well that is a, I mean a lot of people are wondering around feeling trapped by the current situation in some way that, you know, the sensation of being trapped varies to a degree from person to person. But I've met so many people that feel in some way trapped, like they can't see a path forward. Like they don't feel the sense of purpose. And I truly believed that this is what's hurting our communities and our countries to at certain extent this, these lack of being able to harness a, a sense of learning and people to drive a beautiful higher purpose is what makes us also granular is what makes all the troll comments on Facebook is that we're just like so closed in focus, so on open. And uh, and I totally agree with you. When you finally see a way to shed that skin that's been kind of hugging you, tie in a bad way or in a way that no longer feels right for you, uh, then, you know, it's, it's an incredibly freeing, um, emancipating moment.

Guy:                  It's huge under the biggest key factor is, and it took me a while to get it right, was actually you just need to find your edge that you'll come through because I think if we feel safe moving forward, we look forward a lock safe. Cause we always result back to, you know, the old path. And, and I always think about like if you can touch your toes or if you can't touch your toes, there's a point where you know, you're actually stretching your hamstrings, but if you stretch too far, you're gonna pull a hamstring and you're gonna be in a lot of pain. So it's about finding our own edge and stretching that a little bit more. And, and finding areas in your life where the, how small or how big and finding your edge constantly inst on the, become comfortable with that because the more you can become, become comfortable with that, the more you can be comfortable with the unknown and not when you can start to shed and let go and realize that we're not necessarily who we believe we think we are. And then change comes from that in magnificent ways.

Alexx:                So I have a question here because I think it's a really interesting one. Often wearing relationships or were part of a family at least, uh, where if you're doing all of this incredible in a work, you're stretching yourself beyond your edges. Uh, we're gonna talk about meditation and how that fits into things, uh, in a little second. But you've done all of this work personally and yet your cohabitating with people who have not. How does one navigate that aspect of things

Guy:                  in, in, in what sense that I've missed you the first very few.

Alexx:                No, that's okay. So I was just curious because you, you talking about all this, um, wonderful awakening, finding your edges, all of that good stuff. And then you're still in your daily life. Like you still married to someone or you've got the three kids or you're looking after your sick mother-in-law or as all the normal things still happening around you. And I'm curious to hear your take on how one navigates that while one is

Guy:                  transforming in their own self. Okay. Okay. Cause that's a big one, right? It's huge. It's huge. And I think that the first element there is, is that we need to proactively want to do this work. And I'm from that place because while I realized in my own circumstances was that I was beginning to change what my circumstances around me weren't changing so that that takes time. And then there's an element of, of um, acceptance is probably the first step into this. So as opposed to resistance, all the difficulties that we have going on, on a daily basis that we actually have to accept this is the situation. I'm here today based upon my choices, conscious, wrong, conscious through my life and take complete ownership of this moment right now. And I think that is the biggest key moving forward. I'm from taking that ownership, we then start to, um, the next step is actually to start to become the observer of our actions during our day.

Guy:                  During that time, because as I'm sure you've mentioned before, you know, 95% of our day is running normally from a program or an unconscious pattern. And we need to start observing, um, stepping outside of that, which we can cause if we consciously aware of what we do and we not running from a program and that's when we can start to change. But I think even if we don't know what we want to move towards, if we're feeling stuck or we have no idea what direction there is cultivating, and Tony robins says it so well, but actually cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Cultivating moments in your day where you can find joy from just being in the moment has a massive, massive impact on the very way you are going to perceive every single situation, moment by moment in your day. So if you can start to actually alter your perception, which is all internal to the way you feel, then you're going to start bringing in more love and more joy into your day without needing an external circumstance to stop making you to feel happy or a certain way.

Guy:                  And once you can start to cultivate that, like truly called the way that this is not just all talk about it. And I'll write a couple of sentences in my gratitude journal and carry on being miserable for the rest of my day. This is actually truly embracing this work. Then from that point you, you start to take complete ownership of your own emotional self and the and the way, not so much the way you think, but being able to observe your thoughts because our reality is governed by our nervous system and I actually believe this work is actually the evolution of the nervous system, which we can get into in a sec if you want, but the nervous system is the filter between what you're perceived in right now in this moment. You're interpreting that through your sensory experiences. Then it has to bypass through your nervous system and your nervous system is sending a signal and come to the rest of your body. So you've got your perception, the filter of the nervous system and then the body and depending on how you're seeing every situation, you're going to be firing a wiring and a certain way and then you're going to be creating emotional states are going to continue to keep you locked in feeling this way and you're never going to see opportunity.

Alexx:                MMM, okay. I have an example, a personal example on that exact thing. So you're talking about perception filter than the body. I'm talking about when I had really bad mold illness, when it was at its absolute worst, the body was doing all the crazy things that was going through my filter and it was making my mind think I was going to die. So it was kind of coming from the inside out and then it became this negative feedback loop that I started to consciously realize I was in. That made me start doing the work to change to being perception filter body.

Guy:                  Exactly. So if you, if you've lived a certain way for a certain period of time, I'm almost of us, let's be honest, we are creatures of habit. You have created a familiar feeling that's going on and that's definitely, and that feeling is so familiar. That is how you identified yourself and the, the, the ego part of you was, is, is holding on to that because that's you. That's, that's how you expect it to be. Now that feeling is producing a, a hormone and a chemical at any given moment. Okay. And not this constantly sending a signal. You've got a million cells coming online. Every single second they turn over. That's what the body's doing. And all the body wants to do is keep you in homeostasis. It wants to keep you safe. We have what's called the biological imperative, the, the drive to survive, right? Like Bruce Lipton talks about this a lot and the moment you start to have a, a different feeling outside of your own familiarity, alarm bells are going to start going off, whether it's a positive feeling or not.

Guy:                  So that's why the very things that we can want to move towards okay is, um, can feel scary and uncomfortable because it's produced different feelings and those feelings that is producing something that we are not familiar with. I mean, I often joke, but some people don't. If they've not received love in a long time, the moment they start to receive level, get a hug from someone, you can freak them out because they're just not used to feeling that. So that means then we are chemically dependent because we have to produce chemicals to produce a feeling and we become chemically dependent. The body becomes chemically dependent upon the way it feels because we have to produce that. Like if, so we can basically get very, um, attached to the way we think and the way we feel subconsciously. And the body's doing all the work for you.

Guy:                  And if you think about that, we are actually programmed these days for stress. Most people are running 70 to 80% from the hormones of stress. That's a fact. I'm sure everyone here has gone on holiday and gotten sick or finally gone. Whoa. I really needed that break. So we're, we're, we're constantly hammering the nervous system and sending a very different signal to the body. And I think I was interviewing Cristiana knows what I think was talking about chat with everybody. I'll pop it in the notes. Okay, thank you. Yeah. But soon as seen an American, now 80% of doctor related medical issues are stress related. Right? So it's a big problem. And I think the biggest thing we can actually do is start to start at firstly be aware that we are, we could be, we could be not actually running on our true selves. We could be running from a stress response and actually start bringing it back and reprogramming that homeostasis, reprogram that nervous system and get in a body that's dependent upon those feelings to, to really start to cut the supply, cut the cord. And, and you will be literally like a junkie probably having withdrawal symptoms for a couple of weeks. I had a, I had a month of crazy withdrawal symptoms.

Guy:                  But then if you stop, go through that like a lifetime of choices and habits can't be fixed in a couple of days or this is, this is, this is life changing stuff that requires processes and on a shift and a shift in thinking. But, but you can't change that here. The evolution of how, go deep for a sec, cause it's been on my mind lately and I've been bringing it up. So if you think about the evolution of consciousness right itself, it'd be fair to say that more recently we have as a human species, we are evolving quicker. Okay. Where were we getting smarter as a species and to where we might be 500 years ago and all the way back to if we were an ape changing and then you got extremely smart people, a of just got a higher level of consciousness. Like you know Steve Jobs and Einstein and all these people that were just on the other spectrum and you got us kind of in the middle. Right? But it's, it's progressively moving forward. I know I'm not the same person I was even five years ago because my awareness is evolving and if consciousness is awareness, then that needs my consciousness and slowly evolving unexpanded but the issue is if I try solving my problems, my situations or anything of the same level of mind that created it, then I'm never going to change. Because

Alexx:                where people get trodden down by willpower and best intentions and all that kind of stuff.

Guy:                  Exactly. And the few belief consciousness, uh, is, is, is, is us and it requires the nervous system to run through to have an direct experience. Then wouldn't it make sense to evolves the, the nervous system, which is actually governing the homeostasis in the first place. I've been able to expand that awareness and as we expand that awareness, then for me what I, the way I start to look at it, then it requires a development of the nervous system improving the autonomic nervous system because that's actually what runs every single system within body. But by doing that, it allows us to grow and we start to meet it at a different level of mine. Because from this work, as you start to get out of your head more and into your heart and start allowing a, this worked one fold, a deeper connection to everything starts to unfold as well.

Guy:                  And there's a deeper sense of knowingness and a deeper sense of purpose can come from and joy and love and happiness and all these more positive states of being. And eventually you can start to be in a place where you don't actually want for anything because you're just feeling good about yourself and you stand to meet it at a different level of mind. And that that created it in the first place. Cause most of the decisions we've been constantly making probably based on Shia or based on lack or based on security and buttoning down the hatches. Well, we'd always going to continue to get the same if we choose to do that. Yeah. But one of my biggest wake up calls was when I actually the first time achieve what was deemed as success in my life. I still wasn't happy. It still hadn't fulfilled but ended up polling side. I'm like, I thought that was it. I mean it was, and what is that? I mean

Alexx:                stepping stone rather than, you know, quite often we think ms supposed to arrive somewhere, but really it's all just stepping stones.

Guy:                  Exactly, exactly. And I think we've gone, well kind of from the question you asked, I don't even remember what it was, but to bring it back to the daily basis, that's why for me it's so important because all we have is now, and I know philosophically we can understand it and intellectualize it. You know, they say, you know, if you, if you're in the future, you and you, it's gonna make you're anxious. You know, if you're in the past you can get depressed and now is the gift of the presence in the moment. They call it the present. But it's like if you can really start to embrace that and pull yourself out of those patterns, then it can really start become a game changer. Because once you start to find those deeper, that deeper fulfillment without the need for an external circumstance to deliver that the way starts to show itself.

Guy:                  It really does. But your, your your now back in control. And I think the, the name of the game has been able to, no matter what's going on in life, and don't get me wrong, I haven't got this in the bag, but I work at it. You know, no matter what's going on in your external world, like you've got this from the inside out and, and if, if, oh, there's anger right now, I can feel myself coming in and becoming angry or there's some negative salts coming up. We, we, we, we're not necessarily our, our thoughts and our emotions. There's a part of us that can observe that say like storm clouds that come in, I'm come out, you know, when you honor it, you don't have to suppress it. You just let it pass through until the, the, the is left.

Alexx:                MMM. Well, Dr Joan Rosenberg talks about the fact that as soon as 90 seconds of a, of, of feelings, so if you're actually happy to acknowledge that it's a wave, you can let a wave wash over you and that's doable. If you think about it in a 92nd context, everyone can do that

Guy:                  100% but if you don't process those charges, which we never really are taught and we hold staff trauma things our whole life, then the body is going to hold that in and we might not even know it's there and not. It's going to be constantly then create enough familiarity of what you deemed to be known as safe because it's familiar and you're going to send a very certain signal to the nervous system constantly. The autonomic nervous system, which of course is governing the whole service doctor, the whole body essentially. It's amazing.

Alexx:                Yeah. So can I ask, because people might be going, wow, this sounds really interesting and I feels like the right time to just break it down to something really tangible. Like to get a window into, uh, how you do this work and what format it takes for you every day. What does it look like to do the work, to break the programs of the past and our familiarity and our subconscious thinking and to start to become an observer. What, what does that look like for you on a day to day basis?

Guy:                  Okay, so it starts with the practice. Ultimately then there needs to be skill set required to, to learn and do everyday just like go into the gym. You haven't lifted weights before and you can only lift three kilos and then it's four, then six and then you get stronger. It evolves over time. So for me, there's a couple of areas of practice and this is where you start small and then all of a sudden this window of dining goes super deep. But the first, the first thing I do is there's two practices that I, I always start people off and on. One is, um, and I, because I always say meditation is actually do what you do with your eyes open during your day. That's where true meditation is necessarily sitting and quiet in the morning. But then you marry them up. So a meditation practice, and I would recommend styling for a minimum of 10 minutes a day.

Guy:                  And I say 10 minutes in the morning when you first get up, because there's, there's going to be an internal struggle going on. The moment you sit down and close your eyes, you're going to find yourself latching onto all sorts of things. The thoughts, your email, you want, your coffee is cold, is hot, it's noisy, it's this, it's that. And all of those things are happening because your body wants to remain distracted from the present moment that you start to highlight how much addiction you might have to different things with our yourself, even knowing it. So if you can conquer it, sitting down for 10 minutes every morning, how the hell are you going to conquer it when, when the world is happening and flying at you? And there's all sorts of things going on. So, so you need to start in a place like that first.

Guy:                  And the second thing that I always encourage people is a gratitude practice and it's massive. And then you can combine them both, but even bringing it into your day when you least want to do it, because you then break in that emotional state. You're then starting to, you might be running on the hormones of stress. You might be getting caught up and it's like, wow, can I flip this switch? Can I go back to breathing another, my heart and five minutes and reset a different, very signal to my autonomic nervous system and see if I can get myself out of sympathetic into parasympathetic, into rest and repair on doing that alone will, it will help reset the body and then you're going to start to come back at a different level of mind through your day. Because ultimately we're, you know, we're a collection of unconscious choices moment by moment by moment. That's why we're, we are where we're at right now. So then two things are absolutely beautiful and they marry up really well and it's very subtle at first. But the feeling will start to, to, um, to change over time. And other people will see it in you. They'll, they'll feel it as well cause your energy will start to change. Animals feel it. Little animal magnet,

Alexx:                little doggies and cats just come up to me and they're like, hey

Guy:                  100%. Exactly right. And then you start to look at, but we need, I think one of the missing components, uh, is support. Like we always want to go and tackle this stuff alone. Um, the other thing we need to practice as well is [inaudible] look blind, find our voice again. Cause sometimes we can, um, we can suppress our true self to fit in the needs of others to fit in our community or whatever it might be. And all these things are piling down upon us day by day. So, so by slowly cultivating those two practices and being aware, then you're going to start to notice things coming to up that comes in. Having a reference point of other people that are going through the same thing. I've been able to share the same thing, encourage it and have compassion instead of just dumping upon your way.

Guy:                  You, you know what's going on here, have you lost the plot and you know, then then, then you're always going to divert back to the old self always. And I think people don't actually realize how powerful and needed that is. It's massive. And whenever I make changes in life, whenever I'm going to fail, I will always see people that are living and breathing examples of what it is I want to develop with. And I'll always put myself in communities then that have raised the bar of where I'm at and I want to be around that kind of association to help not put you down, but actually helped lift you out.

Alexx:                So does it feel like then, because this actually comes exactly back to the question that I asked like half an hour ago, that we tangented all over the place around what you do as a member of a family, a partnership, etc. Does it then mean that, like I always talk about low tox knowledge as picturing a big rope and there are some people who are climbing that rope of a bit further than you and they're holding their hand back and they're reaching out to you to drag you up so that you can then do the same for people who, uh, a bit for the behind you on the journey. So it almost feels like when you know you want to move forward, it's okay that the people around you aren't there or aren't there yet. It's more about you seeking a support network where that is happening. Therefore changing your energy, raising your vibration and your emotional state. And by being the change often you then start to see people around you become curious about how, how you're able to be so calm and, and content. Um, is that kind of where you, how you found it working?

Guy:                  Yeah, absolutely. And you, nobody likes told what to do. No, they don't. And just because this is one, just because this is one person's journey, it doesn't mean it's another person's journey. No matter how close you are. To them, no matter how much you love them, we're all individual having this human experience. That's how I see it. So if we want to influence people for the better, then the only way we can do that is by being our own example of our best version of ourselves. And from that, um, people will start to resonate 100% but we, we need to take ownership first of ourselves. And quite often we try and influence others to, to fit in without personal needs or our personnel gains. But those personal needs and gains might actually be coming from a very fear based place that we are not even aware of.

Guy:                  So the whole situation just continues to go. So we need to take a hundred percent ownership. Okay, I'm going to do this. If you're in a relationship like over within, leaded in, um, you know, I had a, an amazing example. So I had a lovely lady, Belinda. She came to me very stressed out, comes from not triphasic Rhodes but wanting to learn this work. And yet her partner, like they've hopefully spoke to me about this on the podcast, but her partner was ex police force, a PTSD sufferer, you know, some serious traumatic stuff going on. And you can imagine what his lens of life would be like. Yeah. From that nervous system firing in that way all the time. Now he had huge resistance to her cause she was starting to change. I started to evolve, but she kept true to herself. And then there was a moment where Chris was our bloody hell.

Guy:                  I better go on Jeff to six months. It might've been okay. It seems to be working for her. I've got to realize I'm, maybe I need to try something new or different. And then, and then by that is evolution. There's no changes and now they're there on this back, on this tangent together, which is a beautiful thing. Right. And then they can support each other more. But um, you know, the only thing we can do is, yeah, take 100% ownership of ourselves first. And what you find with this work, you actually have more compassion for other people. Once you go through it and you understand that you will see the pain within other people. You want just to like stop judging people. How did the sense Chile evaporates? Yeah. And you've, you've got to, if you, if he's still judging people for, for what I did like let it go because if you required a judge somebody else, and I still catch myself time to time, you know, but, but at the end of the day, there's something in you that you haven't resolved to, to vent that judgment on someone else. Yeah. And that's, that's what you need to do is sit the mirror.

Alexx:                So how do we, uh, because this is a huge thing people struggle with. Even if they're starting to do some work on their cells, they, they know that meditation is a great way to, uh, to help us personally evolve. How can we move meditation? I'm curious about your thoughts on this. I have my own from a a have two and a no, I should do to as if I would miss it.

Guy:                  Hi again. I can only speak for myself personally.

Alexx:                No, I'm really interested to see, you know what that point was for you, where you just started to show up versus, yeah, it's an embody

Guy:                  experiment experience. So it's like trying to explain somebody what Spain is like. If they've not been to Spain before and they can look at the brochure, they can do all these things, but unless they actually experienced it, they'll never know. So then they truly need to want to go to Spain first for the problem with meditation is that it can be a slow burn initially because you know you're coming up against yourself, but you can amplify experiences very quickly. Like I was only, I run a, uh, energy center meditation for my community last night or this, and I was chatting to a gentleman afterwards that had this huge impart experience up to 40 minutes and he was discussing and he was like, I didn't know whether it be free. He was just lit up. Yeah. And I said to him, you've just experienced something that people might not have experienced for years by sitting on a stool every morning.

Guy:                  And Go and wandering aimlessly trying to figure it all out. Washing. Am I doing this right? My question. Bye Bye. Coming into a community of people because you can amplify it, you can amplify it through work and so forth. But now he's at a new reference point cause he's got a new reference point. He is extremely hungry to figure out a way how to get back there and do it again because he's now starting to feel it from the inside out. I know we can take away our own experiences from us. So to take it from normally what happens, most people will get to a point where they're in so much pain, they go enough, I've got to change something and then they start to go, I'm going to, they've probably tried everything else and then I go, I'm going to give this crazy thing ago or whatever belief systems that have rounded and then ideally if they can then get enough momentum to make some decisions and that's where a community and a reference point and other people come into play.

Guy:                  Because if you're around people that are talking about it all the time, say, Oh my God, I've been having this, I manifest this into my life, these changes I'm making. My kids is just more relaxed all the time now. And my relationships, like if you're sharing that you're going to want to find a way to do it. But if all you've got when you come out of your, into your conscious day is people around you that are, that are not have it at all, then it's, it becomes more challenging. So it's, it's being able to smart enough to go, you know what, I think there's something in this, I'm ready to do the work. And then finding ways to fast track that. Otherwise it's always going to be a struggle.

Alexx:                100% and you know, I see this with every change that you want to make. Maybe it's dietary and you're the only family on your street or in your school who's eating, you know, whole foods and trying to cook everything from scratch and really making a go of it. And then you go to social functions and there's twisties and Doritos and all these things and the pain. It feels painful to say what you have personally moved on from around you. You feel painful to people. It's not judgment. I personally don't ever think it's judgment, but it almost feels like you get whacked in the face with reality and you need the safe haven of a nice big community that's doing this work as well. Whether that stitching toxins, changing the food you're rating or evolving beyond your personal reality today. Absolutely massive. So I'd love to know, I'm just still on meditation as a practice.

Alexx:                I am a huge fan of music. I tried meditating for years with all sorts of different ways and the the silent meditation with absolutely no cues at all, nothing, just nothing I could just never ever was something I looked forward to. Even though I'm someone who's able to look forward to things if they're challenging, if that makes sense. You know what I mean? Like a five. Find a greater sense of purpose around the thing. It doesn't matter if it's not a great experience for me. I'll know that it was worth it, but with silent meditation, not, never felt with it and then, but never excited and never felt worth it. Never. So regrettable sense of purpose. As soon as music came into the equation for me, that really transformed things for me. And I'd be curious to say, you know, I know you take your lidded in community, which we'll go into a little bit through, um, all sorts of different meditations. You talked about energy, um, centers, and that's one of the most powerful forms of meditation that I've ever experienced myself as well. Um, music or no music, does it matter? Uh, is it really dependent on the individual?

Guy:                  I think none of it matters. I really, I actually think they are all tools to get us to the same place. And I think, and I've certainly met, I've met people on that, you know, um, Tom Campbell, the NASA physicist is one person that springs to mind, but you can literally not meditate anymore and be in a meditative state all day with your eyes open. Yeah. And you just, you're just there. Right. So, so everything that we have and I, and I would see it cause you get people seeing, get emotionally attached to different things. And so I was helping Moto bought a workshop the other week. Somebody had brought all these crystals in and they were lining them up this Chaquez oranges. Wow. How necessary is that? But if it helps us get somewhere, then it's, then it's great. And if it doesn't, it's not necessary.

Alexx:                Yeah. Cool. So it really is about the individual, and I guess an analogy that just popped up that I was writing down then was that people enjoy different modes of transport to get to the same destination.

Guy:                  Exactly. And different drivers. Yeah. And so forth. But I think you have, I think as well, meditation is interpreted very differently depending on our belief system. For me, meditation is not about necessarily quiet in the mind, but it's been able to become the observer of the mind and the feelings. So there's a separation and, and when you let go fully, you can like, um, I know Joe Dispenza, we'll talk about, you know, you reached the quantum field, or you could call it a zero point consciousness, the defined the divine matrix, whatever, whatever names that are forwards. And then it's almost like the soulful self visit. There's a undeniable connection to something greater and larger, uh, than US individually. For me, once you get into that connection, that's where the subconscious is, is your, you're in the subconscious now and, and that's where I want to change something about it.

Guy:                  So I want to reorganize my autonomic nervous system and to do that, I need to generate emotional states. [inaudible] to me, that's what music really comes into play because not only can it just, you know, it's going to inspire me more. Do I need the music? Uh, maybe, maybe not, I don't know. But I love having that music to come in. But then you can take music a step further and actually just using sound frequence necessarily fearful, orchestrated music. But to a point where there's a certain frequency set for certain energy center, which which can help because ultimately if you believe we are physical matter and energetic beans, so there's, there's, there's a combination of both. Then what quantum physics and sciences talking about now is that they always used to think the smallest particle riches going back down to the quantum level is actually producing the energy field.

Guy:                  But now they say no, hang on. Is this the energy field producing the particle, which is a very different school of thought and it's very brutally different tone, your physics side and biology. So, so that energy can become coherent or in inquest. That can be a density too dependent on our non emotional states by using sound as well. You can actually tune in and start to reorganize that frequency, which of course starts sending a different signal. But we get, we, again, this is going into deeper stuff, but then you need to allow body to release that stored energy to move. And that might come out as Tias that might come out. It was all sorts of laughter, feelings fit, whatever that is.

Alexx:                Yeah. And convulse volts, you've kind of body movement.

Guy:                  Yeah absolutely. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, because quite often the nervous system is not, not used to or required to run a higher amplitude of energies because sometimes I stole the energy has to come out at a higher amplitude. So the body will reorganize itself to allow it to come through us and out of us. And then we finally fully processed the, the, the, the incident, the emotion, the trauma, whatever is we held onto that could have been from when we were three years old and we don't even know it's there and fascinates me.

Alexx:                It is fascinating. And I, I've, I remember when I started doing meditation, I started actually doing Joe's work. Even just last year, um, more intensely I guess, or more regularly is probably a better word. Uh, I had never seen anyone else do it. And this is why the community aspect and will I really want to get into talking about the work you do in terms of the structured work you take people through. Um, because I think it's so important. So I had just done these meditations very quietly. You know, I'd even heard his voice taking me through the breath and moving my energy up my spine and all the things I thought I was doing it well and I was having a few little interesting moments. Sure. But it wasn't until I went onto the advanced wake long where you're shown and surrounded by so many people who've been doing the work for a lot longer.

Alexx:                Uh, and I realized just how much of the autonomic nervous system released came into play to really shift things. And as soon as I was almost given that visual audit, audible permission to really let rip, it's just like this is on. And uh, and it's really amazing what comes up. So even because you unlock the door, the smallest sentence in a meditation, if you're being guided can just release a whole bunch of stuff. I'll never forget standing on the beach, on the sunshine coast, my headphones doing the morning meditation and at one point you're walking into your future and that whole pot Spain happening and it was really exciting. Then you're told to stand still and look out onto the horizon and a trends, and then put your hand on your heart and turn your love inwards. I burst into tears, hysterical crying because the energy, keeping that energy all for myself and loving myself when I'm such an outward loving person was almost too much to bear. It was so unfamiliar and a, and it was just such a moment for me in this whole exercise we call the work and uh, and I think, you know, it, it's just such a, an amazing thing to, to realize all these different little levels that people can go through.

Guy:                  Yeah. And then once you have those experiences, you can't undo them. Not No. And then you bring that memory into your current day. Right. And it, it really starts to change the way you perceive every situation, moment by moment. And that's, that's where we make our choices in life. And it, it changes your whole trajectory.

Alexx:                Yeah. That's fair enough. Yeah. So, um, you obviously have created this community and I sort of don't really want to call it a business. It's just more of a community energetically. It feels like a better word and it's called lead it in. And uh, the guys who've been listening to the show so far this month, I've heard me talk about it a little bit because, uh, you're offering our communities amazing meditation, uh, that you have on your website, uh, this month, which I think is a great way to celebrate the show that we're talking to each other with today. What made you, how, how did that take shape and what did you decide it was going to look like? And does it evolve as things go on?

Guy:                  It constantly involves hundred percent. I, um, I wanted to create something where I felt like was needed and an almost that was missing in my life from learning and doing this work. And that was to be able to have a safe place to come and connect people to know the, not alone to do this and move forward and cultivate a practice around it. Because the more I learned about this work, the more deeper gets and the more almost reassurance we need sometimes that we not going crazy. And this, this is all perfectly normal, you know, especially from my own experiences. And I wanted to create literally a roadmap that I kind of take myself on and how can I condense stuff for people so they can achieve the same results but in a quicker process. So in my vision, there was always going to be a community of people coming together.

Guy:                  And of course the Internet is the best place to do that. At least they connected. So that was the first step. And then it was like, how can I simplify this work in such a way that there's a, there's a process and if they're willing to follow the dots, they're gonna get, go in and have Aha moments and then they can start the piece, all the bigger picture stuff together and on the science on go, not go, not, but stop the intellect blind in you from taking action. Let's just start taking action. So, so that's when the online membership model evolves. And, and I knew if I stopped beating this drum and I'm going to draw people in, but that was only one piece of the puzzle because obviously I wanted to create workshops where people can come in unexperienced and meet me and on do that, which I am doing around the country.

Guy:                  And then there always for years, Alex just rental doing retreats like I've gone tell her dog too many retreats over many, many years experience different mentors and awesome people. And it was just in me too too. Bringing that process together to do it in, in a way that I felt was safe, effective and could take people through a journey and a process and actually start to even speed up that process even quicker. Cause like once you have those embodied experiences, we start to do that. And obviously I've met a lot of amazing people to work with as well over the years. And uh, I've teamed up with a couple of people that I feel are amazing and they feel, and uh, we started combining three day retreats together as well. And so there's like, there's almost like a, I'm all in my mind is almost like a 12 months blueprint where you can go, right. I mean, I'm going to go through all this and you'll come out the other side and you kind of go, wow, now I get it. Now I understand that.

Alexx:                And do you create, I mean, I would imagine that because you're taking people on a journey, a defined learning space as why I write equals is rather than a, you know, 50 billion blogs, um, there's, there's a sense of people really committing and a sense that they're immersed in other people who have made that same commitment.

Guy:                  Massive. Yeah. And, and, and not say, I actually, I joke when I'm even render workshop, I take over to her like only joined a few granny. I get no good to any of us. If you, if like to join them, leave. And I understand we, we love the idea of change, but then we get caught up, but they will become a pint about people join, leave, and then rejoined six months later. I had somebody just spoke into my retreat the other day that came to my workshop 18 months ago. Right. I'm ready, I'm all in. And then she signed up to [inaudible] and it's like, great, brilliant. You know, and I'm not going to expect people to be in there forever either. Like I understand it's okay, but you know, there's just this point where you think, yeah, you know, in your heart when you're ready to do this work.

Alexx:                Hmm. And maybe you're that person stepping stone on their own journey and it's like, ah, I need this guy guy in my, exactly right now and now I'm, I need to move on. And I think that's, um, that's a really beautiful thing to be able to acknowledge that that's the experience of [inaudible].

Guy:                  Yeah, no, I always wanted to, after going through what I did with one 80 and coming out the side, I always wanted to just do something that was purely coming from my heart and be very conscious of every single decision I make moving forward without putting pressure on myself or stress, you know, and getting caught up in the business aspect too much of it. Because I think that's where we can come and start quite often, especially when you're trying to build a business or living or doing what you, you do and it's like, Whoa, can't we produce something that's coming from hot that actually is contributing and creates, you know, a winning situation for everyone that's evolved and actually fall in love with this themselves though. And from doing conscious a Dolan, I literally just opened the door and say, this is the door I walked through. This is how I did it. If you want it follow up, but I'll just hold the door open a few. You have to do the work yourself, like my icon. I can't change you. I'm just here to show you how to change yourself.

Alexx:                Yeah. And that is so key, isn't it? Because in a world where everyone is chasing the silver bullet, everyone is trying to attach, not everyone, but most people, our culture sort of dictates that we need to find these gurus where the answer is somewhere else in someone else in someone else's way. And the answer is inside us.

Guy:                  Exactly. Exactly. And if I can do it, trust me, anyone can do this is just need, you just need to want it more than your current situation.

Alexx:                Hmm. Um, so on a retreat, uh, obviously, you know, meditating old day every day, what you mentioned there are a couple of other people that you've linked up with. What can people expect because there's so many different retreats out there and uh, I knew pretty quickly on in my retreat story that I wasn't one for those gentle yoga and grains movie at sunset with a massage kind of retreat. I want shifts, I want ugly, I want greasy, I want, you know, I want to really rattle things and see where I can take myself. Um, what kind of a retreat, if you were making a brochure, would it, would it, it's certainly not a cocktails.

Guy:                  So, so essentially I teamed up with, um, Matt Omo and, um, he has been in this, this body of work for over 15 years. He's phenomenal. Uh, he works with sound and, uh, I had the huge, huge shifts that releasing when I worked with them about six or seven years ago. That's my first met Matt. And I was just blown away the whole, the grief of my past and dad came out of me that had been holding on for a couple of years and it was just incredible and I was like taking 20 kilos off my backpack and I don't really even in this work. And, um, and uh, we've become really, really good friends, you know. So there was math, I always wanted to do some work for Matt. So, um, and uh, the other person is that we wanted to bring a female energy into the equation as well.

Guy:                  And um, we work with Petra Brzozowicz who I met on a small Joe Dispenza retreat in Costa Rica 18 months ago. And she's just incredible with this work. She actually trains Joe Dispenza's trainers, um, and she's been involved in this work a long time and has an experience and we call it the let go and live in flow, which is literally letting go of the old to allow you to, to find more flow and serenity in your life. And, and to do that, we need to start getting it out of your body. And we use a movement in Yoga and breathing and sound on, but it's done in a very safe, controlled manner. We actually create a few environments where you have to control your emotional states. Uh, we keep people in the unknown, so they don't know what they get each day. So, um, but they know what, what the outcome is, you know, so we kind of help bring people together, connect and people make friends for life.

Guy:                  You know, it's, it's intimate. There's no hiding, you know, it's not like going to old people with 1100 people there. It's, it's much smaller and intimate. Yeah. And uh, and it's, yeah, it's amazing. I've been blown away by the response we sold out within six weeks when we opened it up for August and then we just opened up another one a couple of weeks ago with all of our hearts and spots full as well. And we'll be opening them up more and more next year. Yeah, yeah, exactly. I just love it. I wish it was tomorrow and not six weeks or eight weeks or whenever it was.

Alexx:                Well, luckily time three third dimension time moves fast so it'll be here before you know it, but we do that

Guy:                  that as well. Absolutely.

Alexx:                Yeah. Amazing. Um, there are a couple more questions I want to ask you. One because you have your own podcast and you interview some great people. Uh,

Guy:                  okay.

Alexx:                Can you think of off the bat something that has truly blown you away that someone has shared that in all your experiences of life you'd had so far up until the point of that interviewer or that interviewee and that thing that they said you had just never thought that way before?

Guy:                  Who comes to mind for that? That's actually really big question I say. I always think about the way they leave me feeling afterwards. Normally, sometimes I walk away from days grim. Oh my God, that was just amazing. And I get to sit there like a kid in a candy store just chatting to awesome, awesome people. And I gotta be honest, still to this day, the personal left me walking away. That feeling was a guy called Joshua man [inaudible]. He wrote a book called duty of the die, a beauty of a darker soul. And I'll quickly very quickly share the story with you. But he was a platoon leader on essentially they went off and he got it, him and his mate during Afghanistan and they got shot. He got shot by a sniper. And I won't go into this because the story itself is just unbelievable.

Alexx:                And do we have this show on your library check, right.

Guy:                  And, and um, he ended up dying for 15 minutes and when he came out of that, he, um, he still survived, which was quite incredible for being flatlined. And I don't know if you know anything about CPR, but the brain dies after four minutes or there's been there for 15 was just normal and he went into a huge depression or do suicidal [inaudible] to his life or as you can imagine, PTSD. But at right at the end, um, he said, uh, you know, the troll, he was so grateful for the incident because the incident only triggered what was already within him prior to that that caused him to go into depression and PTSD. It wasn't the incident itself and the way which was amazing and the way you come out the other side. Um, all of that on. Now what he's doing is he is in studying quantum physics, like is fully down this rabbit hole. And he was such a nice guy, but that just hit me in a way when he, when he's there describing it and you just, he was just as roar energy and I've had some amazing people on there. Like all this work. I just dive right down into, you know, yeah. But yeah, he left sat with me, still said to me when I think about it.

Alexx:                Yeah. Well I can say it. It was just like, oh my gosh. It's like months and years later. Yeah. Um, okay. So to finish this, uh, beautiful conversation, I'd love to ask you

Guy:                  to share, uh,

Alexx:                what a beautiful morning might look like for someone wanting to gently step their way through starting to do some of this work. So what would a beautiful morning look like for them? That first thing in the morning, what does it look like?

Guy:                  Okay. If they want to start this work and this a beautiful morning for them, um, they, they want to jump out of bed for the star, like actually jump, literally jump out of bed and go, okay, game on. I'm now awake. I've been given this gift over a day, you know, called life and I really want to embrace and be the best version of myself for it today and I'm going to fill up my cup first. I'm going to take ownership of myself before I serve everyone else and be given for everyone else. Cause if I don't have enough to give myself today, then how can I be expected to give on an empty tank to other people that are daily care about and love and want to be there for so well thinking like that I would sit down and then I'd encourage them to set an intention for the day.

Guy:                  Where's my, how do I, how do I want this to go? What w how can I embody something? What mantra can I hold onto the remind myself of this moment right now? And then I would just go into the heart and I would breathe in and out, in and out of the heart and I would feel my life. But at the very bit of my heart, you know, and stop too, feel grateful for this, this moment we started culpable. Cultivate those feelings and emotions and really let it pour over. Because once you start getting used to that, it can become so addictive. It's thought to love life. Hmm. And then, and then you can, once you get in south field and then as you get good at this, you're able to drop into the, they offer and see the states. You can get into our subconscious and then you can start to feel emotions and feelings as if you've already achieved something.

Guy:                  What is it I'm going for? Where am I? What is I want to be? Who do I want to become? What am I doing? And then I'd hold those states and then when I feel like I own it, like really own it and I feel it in every cell of my body, I would just set my thanks and my appreciation and I would get up from that, a different person to run. I sat down and you can't tell me if you're not willing to give that a go and do that. It's not going to change the direction of your life and who you are as opposed to turning on the alarm. Can a check in your emails when two minutes, you know, it's on Facebook and getting caught up and keeping yourself distracted because those distractions are continuously keeping you from the very things that you want in your life.

Guy:                  But that's why I call it let it in. Like you really have to start allowing that process to happen. Stop forcing things and hoping that's gonna make things quicker. Me, you know, cause it doesn't, it just keeps pushing it away. It's just like constantly chasing the carrot and you'll never grabbed, you know, so I, and I think if you can just start with that and we've come alive, you know, I like to move in the morning as well. I do yoga, I have a cold shower normally, or finish on a cold shower and all of a sudden I'm, I'm ready. I'm prepared. And then, uh, and then if I, if I don't do that for, I, I really notice it, I'll, I really notice it.

Alexx:                Yeah. My son came into my bedroom this morning just as I was about to start my meditation and he's like, mom, can we practice some fractions? And in my mind I was like, Betty, my mouth came out of course weighty jump in and we were huddling and I thought, no, I'm going to be grateful for this moment right now. Exactly. And then I started planning, okay, when in my morning am I going to slot this meditation? And ideally I'd like to get it in before I chat to you, like before my workday starts. And so that I feel really calm, open, focused. And so I decided when I dropped him off to school that I would go straight to the blood tests that I needed to get because I was doing some annual bloods and uh, and just sit in the waiting room and do my meditation there.

Alexx:                And I just became completely oblivious to the crazy children running around and everything going on in that waiting room. I was this zen, zen person and then got in trouble from the nurse for not hurting Nicole. But it was perfect. And I think, you know, for me it illustrated that a few things sometimes happen that do bust us out of our ideal morning routine. But if you're committed, you find a, you really do find a way and you start to find a way more and more. Once you realize the meaning of turning him with what it can give you.

Guy:                  But, but you find a way. But you also find when the moments to be like you just said, oh, this is the time to be with my son as opposed to getting frustrated with it all because I can't do the work like at all, you know? And that's where the flow of life comes in and the, and the ABS. And I've been able to navigate and read that and just go with it more and just think this is, this is a gift right now. I'm gonna I'm going to embrace it. Yeah.

Alexx:                Yeah. I just love that. My son loves math. It's really intense. I was always a bit of a maths nerd, not in the school sense, but I just love problem solving. So to just lie in bed, cuddle and help him out with some fractions and seeing him get it was just bliss. So, um, so yet it had to be the medical waiting room for me this morning. But I think it was great that that came up because often we at lay what looks perfect and what would be the perfect way to do things. And then people are ashamed in their own little corner of the world when it isn't perfect and it doesn't work out that way. Okay. So good.

Guy:                  Join the present moment and it can happen when it happens. Yeah. Yeah. The quicker you let it go, the quicker you can move on. Hm.

Alexx:                So good guy. Thank you for this amazing chat. Everyone can find you obviously at a, on your website, we've got all of the details there. Is there a particular place you like for people to connect with you most?

Guy:                  Look, I'm the website It's got everything on there. I've, I've got another URL which has literally led to it in Dotcom that I, you and a Instagram. I'm pretty active on there. You'll see me in an ice bath normally.

Alexx:                So do you do one of those every day?

Guy:                  Every week? I do. I just had on this phone and actually, yeah.

Alexx:                Fabulous. Well, I'm encouraging everybody to get in touch. Uh, check out the website. Obviously the wonderful meditation that's available for everybody to sign up to and, and experience. Uh, it's definitely gonna be worth your time. Thank you once again, God for joining me on the show.

Guy:                  Thank you for having me. Really appreciate it.

Guy:                  Cool guys with you, enjoyed that conversation I had with Alex. I loved it, you know, and uh, hopefully the, a little bit of wisdom in there and if you've made it to the end then I'm sure you did, which is awesome. And where do I want to mention as well is that, not sure if you know, but I've made it easier than ever to access my free meditation. I have a seven minute meditation that I, um, give away and it's supported with my five step morning routine plus a section of my workshop. Like it's all there freely available like at my website, Or You just click the free meditation times and it's easier than ever. Now you can just log into like almost an app and you can scream. The meditation is designed to interrupt. Your Day is 27 minutes. Everybody's got seven minutes. And uh, it's one of my goats rituals that I do daily or highly recommend or a lot of long on my five step routine. If you haven't checked that out, back to the website. Yeah. Cool. See you next week.