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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Feb 7, 2023

#242 The conversation began with a discussion of what has led Gail to become interested in the topic of trauma. Gail explained that they realized that there was more to life than just talk therapy after they started to explore Buddhism and meditation. They became associated with a meditation center and started to do retreats, which is when they realized that they had been carrying a lot of trauma that they had no idea was there. Gail explained that they were never afraid of exploring their inner experience and that doing so has helped them to understand themselves and their relationships better. The conversation then turned to a discussion of what trauma is and how it can be identified. She explained that trauma is a big word that is often used as a buzzword but that it is really just trauma-informed. A trauma-informed view is one that takes into account the ways that trauma can impact an individual or a community.

The conversation discusses the trauma-informed view and how it is useful in understanding how people cope with difficult situations. It gives the example of a child who is left crying in a crib and how that child might develop strategies later in life to cope with similar situations. These strategies might include people-pleasing or perfectionism and can lead to further distress. 

Gail a non-dual therapist, which means that she looks deeply into the nature of experience to help people understand and solve their problems. She believes that the key to successful therapy is to change the person's identity, rather than just their thoughts or emotions. Gail explains that they struggled with unhappiness and a sense that there must be more to life in their 20s and 30s. They tried therapy but found that it didn't help as much as they hoped. Eventually, they started meditating and found that it was a big turning point for them. The speaker reflects on why they may have felt unhappy in their 20s, and explains how they learned to meditate.

About Gail: Gail Brenner is a licensed Ph.D. psychologist and trauma specialist with almost 30 years of experience offering individual sessions and group workshops. Her work as a therapist and teacher invites people to shed attachment to false identities, return to their essential wholeness, and realize the truth of who they are. In primarily group courses, she holds safe space for people to investigate patterns of early trauma that live in the mind, body, and heart—and are carried through family generations. And she welcomes celebration of the freedom that’s discovered when the attachment to these patterns falls away and there’s space for awakened living in everyday life. Her teaching is practical and accessible to all. She loves meeting with people who have tried everything and are still searching for an end to suffering.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • 00:00 - Healing Trauma with Mindfulness & Compassion 
  • 02:20 - The Journey to Happiness: A Conversation with Dr. Robert Puff
  • 04:08 - Trauma: A Conversation with Dr. Lisa Danylchuk
  • 10:58 - Trauma-Informed View of Mental Health
  • 12:40 - The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Adults
  • 17:40 - The Impact of Trauma on Suffering and Healing
  • 19:46 - Suffering is Optional: A Conversation on Conditioned Trauma Patterns
  • 21:53 - The Benefits of Mindfulness in Everyday Life
  • 25:50 - The Benefits of Feeling Your Emotions
  • 27:48 - The Power of Connection: How Holding Space Can Heal Trauma
  • 29:36 - The Benefits of Heart-Based Living
  • 33:16 - The Power of Recognizing Your Own Story
  • 35:37 - The Human Condition: A Conversation on What it Means to be Human
  • 39:42 - The Power of Deep Listening: How to Access the Essential Knowing Beyond the Human Mind
  • 41:46 - The Fear of Rejection and Abandonment
  • 44:03 - The Power of Letting Go: A Conversation on Fear, Trauma, and Living an Authentic Life
  • 46:08 - The Benefits of Trauma Work
  • 47:54 - The Power of Gratitude: A Conversation with Rachelle Tratt
  • 50:42 - The Power of Emotions in Everyday Life
  • 52:46 - Gail Brenner, PhD on Trauma, Awakening, and Coming Home

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