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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Nov 1, 2022

#234 Wellness retreats aren’t a particularly new phenomenon, but in recent years, the concept has definitely evolved. What was once solely about a few spa treatments and a bit of yoga has grown into a diverse retreat offering all over the globe, with specialist retreats catering to all of modern life’s trials and tribulations. If a tricky period in your life has you considering taking a wellness holiday to a healing retreat, or you’re simply desperate for a stress-free reset, you’re probably curious to know what the real benefits of wellness retreats are.

Luckily for you, there are many, and in this episode, my guest, Giselle T. Morgan, will share how attending a Live in Flow retreat set her on a trajectory that changed her life forever. Live in Flow retreats combine the aspects of travel and a healing process. The idea is to allow the body and mind to focus on something other than the pursuits of daily life, to take in a slice of nature and to recuperate your mind, body and soul. 

Giselle’s life is super inspiring to say the least. She grew up in a Hippy lifestyle where she was exposed to diverse forms of spirituality and cultures despite also being a Catholic. She sort of lost herself in her 20s but later got a chance to travel to Thailand where she took a deep dive into Buddhism which helped her grow spiritually. Then came 2013 when an aneurysm had her unconscious in a private hospital where she underwent neurosurgery for 7.5 hours. 

Long story short, she still has to deal with the effect of the aneurysm to date and has gone through so many difficult challenges in her life, from losing her property to wildfire to getting into a horrific accident. Her healing journey will not only inspire you but also demonstrate just how life changing attending a Live in Flow retreat can be for you. Tune in for more!

About Giselle: Giselle Morgan

Key Points Discussed: 

  • My Healing Journey & Life Changing Retreat Experience (00:00)
  • Finding Live in Flow and their Sydney workshop (01:45)
  • Growing up with Hippy parents, her spirituality journey, and how she grappled with a brain aneurysm and its after effects (03:24)
  • How she ended up becoming an alcoholic (14:00)
  • The powerful Live in Flow experience that changed her life (17:03)
  • Incredible challenges she has had to overcome in her life (25:01)
  • Keeping it together in the darkest of times (29:11)
  • Reconnecting with herself more than ever before (32:38)
  • A glimpse into the magical and life changing experiences of Live in Flow retreats (39:08)
  • Tapping into the power of operating from the heart and focusing on your spiritual development (47:26)

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