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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jun 7, 2023

#259 From a beautiful venue, Guy and Matt discussed the false idea that self-development leads to a final, perfect state. Instead, they see self-development as a continual journey of growth and evolution towards a bigger version of self. They shared their experiences with this work and announced that they plan to compile their wisdom in a book in 2024. Throughout their conversation, they emphasized the importance of continuous growth, humility, and nurturing a connection with one's soul or spirit.

About Matt: Matt Omo is a leader of the sound healing movement in Australia with over 15 years of experience working with a variety of sound healing techniques bridging cultures and traditions from around the world. The work and awareness around sound healing and its benefits are growing every day. Matt is developing new programs and products to meet this need and continue to support people in discovering the benefits of the healing power of sound.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • [00:00:00] Constant evolution of the self.
  • [00:06:09] Releasing ego leads to growth.
  • [00:13:04] Embrace life's flow.
  • [00:16:11] Healing Ancestral Lineages.
  • [00:20:23] Value of soul over possessions. 
  • [00:23:41] Following your inner spark.
  • 00:25:28 Listen to your heart.
  • [00:28:57] Pursuing a Vision. 
  • [00:31:44] Lessons and growth.
  • [00:34:39 Life is an adventure.
  • [00:35:47] Seeking growth through human experience.

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