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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Oct 17, 2023

#277 In this episode, Guy invited Heather back to the podcast to delve deeper into the Akashic Records. After the surprising success of their first episode on the topic, it is clear that there is a strong interest in exploring the records. Guy admitted to being a student himself, and he is eager to have a reading with Heather to further his understanding. Heather shared that she enjoys being both a teacher and a student in her work, even during Akashic sessions. Tune in to learn more about the power and potential of the Akashic Records.

About Heather: Heather Ivany is a renowned spiritual mentor and akashic guide with over twenty years of experience leading innovative courses, private training, immersive retreats, and more. Harnessing a radiant warmth and decades-long immersion in spirituality, Heather facilitates life-altering transformation and growth for those who seek guidance or feel resistance aligning with their purpose. 

Heather’s intuitive and enveloping approach awakens those who work with her to release what is limiting them and expand into the higher version of themselves. Heather’s teachings have left an imprint on thousands of students, granting them the practical skills to unconditionally embrace the fullness of the human experience. 

With the gentle wisdom and compassion of one who understands the nuances of spiritual practice, she opens students to the joy of exploring the deep and mysterious inner landscape of the heart, mind, and body. 

Her acclaimed akashic readings and training in particular have opened the records to an entire generation of new students who are expanding the tradition of awakening consciousness. When she is not teaching, Heather can be found in nature, in the loving company of her husband and kids, or absorbing the wisdom teachings from her teachers. 

If you’d like to experience Heather’s soothing presence in your life, learn how to build a magnetic, soul-led business of your own, or invite Heather on your podcast, reach out and book with us.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • (00:00) - What My Akashic Records REVEALED.
  • (04:48) - Parallel universes and vibrational frequencies.
  • (08:24) - The Akashic Records being shut down.
  • (13:28) - Going beyond our limitations.
  • (17:02) - Four main clairs and interpretation.
  • (20:08) - Group energy and heightened awareness.
  • (26:12) - Living for the present moment.
  • (30:03) - Mantras and their amplifying power.
  • (33:12) - Different Frequencies in Records.
  • (39:13) - Taking on other people's energy.
  • (42:23) - Back pain and rugby.
  • (45:23) - Healing from past life trauma.
  • (51:12) - Mary Magdalene pendant discovery.
  • (54:46) - Validation and miracles.
  • (58:11) - Expanding the Akashic Records.
  • (01:01:28) - Awe, wonder, and curiosity.


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