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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

May 24, 2020

#127 My lovely guest this week is Sharon Taylor, a previous Live In Flow retreat participant.
Honestly, this conversation has it all!  Below are some of the points we dive deep into.
  • How the work with the live in flow team has been instrumental in:
    • Recognising and shifting unresolved grief that had built into anger and resentment
    • Shifting a 25 year old ‘physical injury’ that many treatments and lots of $ couldn’t shift. 
    • Wake up to the power of my body and it’s intuition and how important the breath is 
    • Be the best version of me....a much more empathetic and kind person and most importantly parent
    • Feel excited and inspired about life and actually want to live

About Sharon: A mum of 2 amazing boys. 
Currently an accountant who works with business in the renewable energy space.  After practising yoga for over 20 years, I finally have the motivation and confidence to study to be a yoga teacher. 
After the sudden loss of my husband, I had unresolved grief that turned into anger and resentment, which was affecting me physically, emotionally and mentally and in turn affecting my children too.  My body told me it couldn’t cope anymore and my request to the universe fortunately led me to the ‘live in flow’ team.
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