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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jun 26, 2019

#78 This week I'm very excited to be bringing you my wife Lynda Griparic to my show.

I might be biased, but Lynda is amazing at what she does and has been a huge influence on me and my lifestyle when it comes to this topic. I wanted to bring her wisdom onto the show and discuss how the gut can affect our overall wellbeing and our mood. 

We also dive into telltale signs if your gut health is right, what you can do about and some of the things she does on a daily basis. Enjoy.

About Lynda: Lynda Griparic is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Writer and Yoga teacher with close to 20 years of experience in the health industry. Lynda specialises in digestive health, namely SIBO and constipation.

She has extensive experience in running healthy, effective and sustainable bowel care programs and has expertise in investigating and treating the underlying causes of gut disturbance. Lynda has an intense interest in poo and she’s also the creator of the delicious BetterMe Tea a tea designed to promote improved gut health and digestion - assisting those who struggle with constipation and sluggish bowel movements to go to the bathroom with ease.

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