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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jun 20, 2023

#261 In this podcast episode, Guy speaks with Jason Pickard, a former top trader in the world who transformed his life and learned the true meaning of wealth beyond financial gains and success. Jason shared his story of how he was mentored by Paul Chek and his shamanic journeys, as well as the wisdom he gained on his journey back to himself.

In this episode, the importance of finding and following your passion is emphasized as a key factor in making a positive impact on the world. Jason suggests that by identifying what makes you unique and what you love to do, you can bring out your gifts, skills, and talents to express yourself fully and make a difference. It's not just about having a job that pays well, but rather incorporating your passions and interests into your work. He also suggests asking yourself questions like "what did you love to do when you were a child?" and "if you died tomorrow, what would you want to do?" to help identify your passions. 

Furthermore, Jason emphasize that real wealth is not about net worth, but rather net impact. They encourage listeners to consider how they are circulating their wealth in society and what impact it is having on the next seven generations. Ultimately, the message is that by following your passion and making a positive impact, you can become indispensable to the world and leave a meaningful legacy.

About Jason: Jason Pickard became a billion-dollar portfolio manager and partner to hedge fund legend, Paul Tudor Jones, at Tudor Investment. By the age of 26, he was recognized as one of the top 30 traders under 30 years old in the World. Yet his health was on an absolute decline. He was 330 lbs. and suffered from a mental and physical health crisis. 

On a quest to become a master of both his inner and outer worlds, he decided to travel the world –– spending thousands of dollars and studying for thousands of hours learning directly from the greatest masters of a wide variety of healing arts, martial arts, holistic nutrition and movement, cutting edge psychology, and wisdom traditions of the East and West, ancient, indigenous and contemporary. 

He has now integrated the wisdom gained on this journey by creating The Abundance Archetype method to help you discover and actualize your super-natural capacities to create wealth and well-being in your life, to thrive at work while also feeling your best. This, in turn, will give you a greater sense of your reason for being alive –– at this pivotal moment in human history.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • (00:00) - From Wall Street to Spiritual Awakening: A Journey of Self-Discovery
  • (04:36) - Education for Wall Street investors.
  • (09:33) - Success and finding fulfillment.
  • (14:20) - Addiction to Excess Exercise. 
  • (18:38) - Mind-blowing plant medicine experiences. 
  • (23:10) - Real wealth and chakras.
  • (28:01) - Spirituality and wealth.
  • (32:27) - Integrating all parts of ourselves.
  • (39:26) - Choosing a sustainable career.
  • (43:16) - Childhood passions and talents. 
  • (48:11) - Life and death perspective. 
  • (51:27) - Unconscious belief systems. 
  • (57:18) - Namibian Bushmen persistence hunt.
  • (01:00:58) - Tribal songs and dances.
  • (01:04:42) - Indigenous cultures and ways of life. 
  • (01:09:14) - Living an abundant life.

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