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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Apr 18, 2019

#67 My awesome guest this week is good friend Josh Komen, author of New Zealand's best-selling book 'The Wind At My Back'

This is quite possibly the most heart-moving, powerful podcast I have ever done, and I don't write those words easily.  What-ever you do, be sure to take time out and let this interview unfold, and be moved and inspired. Be sure to share this with anyone who needs a dose of love and inspiration. Enjoy!

About Josh: Twenty-three-year-old Josh is on track to represent New Zealand in running at the next Commonwealth Games when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. In a single moment, the course of his life has changed irrevocably. What follows are years of excruciating pain, brutal treatments both in New Zealand and Australia, and shocking side-effects that send a young man to the brink of despair and back innumerable times.

Ultimately, it is the enduring love of his close-knit family and friends, the incredible medical professionals who treat him, his spiritual beliefs, and his passion for nature that carry Josh through the hardest of challenges.

The life lessons Josh gathers along the way are an inspiration for us all. This is an incredible story of courage, love, and endurance.

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