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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jun 27, 2023

#262 In this episode, Guy and Kelly talked about the significance of self-healing for parents, acknowledging that not everyone has the same resources or opportunities to prioritize self-care. While Kelly has the privilege of having a nanny and other forms of help that allow her to create time for self-care and meditation, she recognizes that people in survival mode and poverty may not have the same opportunities and may be doing the best they can. Nevertheless, she believes that prioritizing self-healing and self-care is crucial for all parents, regardless of their resources, as it can have a positive impact on both the parent and their children. She also acknowledges that being a parent can highlight personal areas for growth and healing, and encourages parents to do the necessary emotional and mental housekeeping to ensure that they are not passing on their unconscious habits and beliefs to their children. 

Furthermore, Kelly discussed the importance of playfulness and imagination in clarifying and vocalizing personal desires and goals. She suggests that using our imagination can help us get clear on what we want and share it with the people we love who will support our vision. She also recommends vocalizing or writing down our desires to get even clearer. However, she acknowledges that negative beliefs and limiting beliefs can often block us from thinking that we can have what we desire. She suggest identifying these beliefs and overcoming them to move forward towards our goals.

About Kelly: Kelly Noonan Gores is the writer, director, and producer of HEAL, a documentary feature about the mind-body connection and our body’s innate ability to heal. She also authored the follow up book HEAL and is host of The HEAL Podcast. A Los Angeles native, she grew up in front of the camera acting on and off in commercials, TV, and film from the age of 7. In 2012 she started Elevative Entertainment with the intention to create conscious media that informs, inspires, and empowers. She has a passion for psychology, wellness, and spirituality and an insatiable appetite for understanding consciousness.

Her intention with the HEAL platform is to empower people with knowledge about the incredible intelligence and healing ability of the human body, and inspire people to expand their belief about what’s possible. Kelly is a seeker, a meditator, and an investor, and enjoys traveling, sports, reading, writing and the ocean.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • (00:00) - Ayahuasca, Spiritual Awakenings & the 'Heal'-ing Journey
  • (02:43) - Recovering Catholic's spiritual journey.
  • (05:20) - Spiritual awakening through literature.
  • (09:54) - Plant-based medicines.
  • (12:55) - Plant medicine experiences.
  • (17:20) - Ayahuasca as a Master Teacher.
  • (20:15) - Healing from all types of cancer.
  • (24:13) - Spiritual practices during illness.
  • (28:38) - Believing in something bigger.
  • (32:48) - Postpartum promotion and burnout.
  • (37:57) - Social media and self-care.
  • (43:58) - Group consciousness in transformation.
  • (47:54) - Unconscious parenting.
  • (49:02) - Conscious parenting and self-care.
  • (53:45) - Manifesting through imagination.
  • (56:53) - Taking a sabbatical.

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