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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Nov 15, 2020

#145 This week, my guest is the amazing Jeffery Olsen. Now, before even listening to this episode, I recommend you take a deep breath, be thankful for all you have, and give your loved ones a hug if possible.

My conversation with Jeffery is guaranteed to take you through a whole spectrum of emotions. Jeffery is a best-selling author with an international influence and audience. After experiencing a traumatic car accident which took the lives of his wife and youngest son, while inflicting multiple life-threatening injuries on Jeffery, he went through a mind-boggling near-death experience.

Tune in to listen to his experience and how he was able to choose joy after such a tragic loss. His journey wasn’t easy but he has a lot to teach us all about loss and the process of healing.

About Jeffery: Jeffery Olsen is a bestselling author who inspires audiences internationally with his intriguing story of perseverance and inner strength. After a horrific automobile accident took the lives of his wife and youngest son, also inflicting multiple life-threatening injuries to Jeff, including the amputation of his left leg, he found the courage to survive over 18 surgeries to eventually heal, both physically and emotionally, to thrive in his career and community contributions.

Jeff has appeared on many national and international television and radio programs sharing his insights. Olsen's latest book, "Knowing," is a compilation of his earlier books, yet with even deeper insights and extended chapters. Knowing can be found on Amazon in all formats.

Jeff continues his work as a Creative Director and participates on several Advisory Boards for causes he feels serve the higher good of humanity. Olsen's personal platform, AWAKEN to ONENESS includes personal, one-on-one mentoring and group gatherings both physically and virtually around the world.

Key points with time stamp:

  • Jeffery’s work in his own words (3:44)
  • Does Jeffery’s near-death experience come up in conversation often? (4:23)
  • How is Jeffery able to talk about this traumatic experience? (5:25)
  • Jeffery’s story (7:12)
  • Could Jeffery choose whether to “go into the light” or fight for his life? (12:52)
  • Jeffery’s shared experience with his level one trauma physician (16:16)
  • Did Jeffery have any other experience during his 5-month hospital stay? (21:23)
  • How real did Jeffery’s experience feel to him? (31:01)
  • Motivational forces in Jeffery’s healing process (33:41)
  • When was Jeffery finally able to talk about his experiences? (35:03)
  • Moments in Jeffery’s recovery journey which he is proud of (37:44)
  • Did Jeffery ever ask, “why me?” How does he respond to that question? (42:21)
  • Is our destiny pre-determined or do we have free will? (46:28)
  • “Is putting meaning into life, finding our own divinity within us?” (49:36)
  • About Jeffery’s published books (52:00)
  • What Jeffery leaves us with (54:05)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Knowing: Memoirs of a Journey Beyond the Veil and Choosing Joy After Tragic Loss, A book by Jeffery Olsen.
  • Anita Moorjani
  • Peter Panagore
  • Not Yet, A book by Jeff O’Driscoll, MD, Jeffery’s level one trauma physician and friend.
  • I knew Their Hearts: The Amazing True Story of a Journey Beyond the Veil to Learn the Silent Language of the Heart. Jeffery’s first book.

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