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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Nov 27, 2019

#102 My lovely guest this week is Georgia Ellis, creator of Bluechip Minds.
I truly loved this conversation. Georgia openly shares the turning point in her life when she hit rock bottom after finding out her partner had been cheating on her. She wasn't satisfied with her job or life in general. This made her began to look within and started her learnings within the self-help industry.
What transpires is beautiful and Georgia is not only a good friend but an incredible mind when it comes to this work and how we can live a life reloaded. Enjoy!
About Georgia: Georgia Ellis is a corporative captive, dedicating 22 years to living by society's conventional rules, Georgia is now a free agent who takes delight in bending the rules. Since 2001, she has curiously been exploring the worlds of human potential, philosophy, spirituality, neuroscience, ancient wisdom, quantum theory, epigenetics, neurobiology and flow, attempting to join the dots on what it really means to be human.
While in a moment of Flow in 2013 she had a flash of insight to start Blue Chip Minds, an organisation dedicated to helping people #betterhumans. Georgia regularly dusts off her business suit , dons cape, rolls up her sleeves and returns to the business world to help leaders and teams move beyond their self defined limits. She mixes her time between travel, research (Standing on the shoulds of giants) and designing and delivering organizational educational programs and group coaching. She has worked with individuals and teams in Asia, the UAE, India, UK, USA, Canada and Australia, she is a regular speaker at Leadership events she also hosts the Ellis in Wunderland Podcast, and see's all of her activities as vehicles for self transformation.

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