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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jul 5, 2022

#223 Most entrepreneurs are Type A’s. This means they are constantly pushing themselves to their next big goal, next milestone. While one may very well achieve business success, they’re almost always likely to be left thinking “What’s next”. This constant push towards new goals will eventually leave most exhausted and unfulfilled. So what is the other way?

In this episode, I welcome Wayne Kelly, a professional electrician and co-owner of a hugely successful building company who can attest to exactly that. Wayne has been an entrepreneur most of his life and was busy scaling his electrical business when he realized he was overwhelmingly unfulfilled and stressed. While on a surf trip to Fiji with his friends to unwind and get away from the immense stress of his dailys life, he had a minor accident which ended up being the nudge he needed to start on his journey to holistic wellness. Listening to Wayne’s story of surrender will definitely be the first step you need to take on the path that will offer you the ability to create greater alignment between your life, your work and your self-actualization.Tune in for more!

About Wayne: Wayne Kelly is a professional electrician and entrepreneur with two businesses and a combined team of 28 employees. He’s always been entrepreneurial and started off with an electrical business that he co-owned with someone else until they had to part ways later on due to irreconcilable differences. Wayne decided to start his own electrical business and successfully grew it to a point where a huge opportunity to scale it presented itself.

But after so many years of investing his whole self into growing the business, he started to question whether the huge opportunity was really something he wanted to pursue. In partnership with a friend, he still went through with it and the business eventually evolved into a building company.

Fast forward seven years and he was super stressed and constantly having to deal with a lot of pressure. So he decided to take a surf trip to Fiji with his friends, and it was while there that he started the holistic wellness journey that has over time completely changed his personal and business life for the better.

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Key points with time stamp:

  • My Surrender Experiment: The True Power of Complete Surrender (00:00)
  • Why he started looking into achieving holistic wellness (01:18)
  • The true power of complete surrender and how Live in Flow impacted him (09:42)
  • Collapse of the old, Rise of the new: How his transformation changed his personal and business life (14:18)
  • Embracing that everything conspires to support you for your growth (19:33)
  • Going to a Live in Flow retreat and the incredibly profound moments he had while there (22:33)
  • Shifting from just being the drop in the ocean to being whole (35:18)
  • How to step into your power as a man and achieve your full potential (40:21)
  • Being guided through the Flower of Flow: The key benefits of Live in Flow’s 12 week interactive program (45:47)
  • Navigating through the difficult journey that you have to take to get to a better life (47:29)

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