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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Feb 20, 2024

#293 In this episode, Guy welcomed Patrice Krysztofiak, a medical intuitive, who shared his journey of discovering his unique abilities to see inside people's bodies and energies, leading to miraculous healing experiences. Despite initial skepticism, Patrice's authenticity and genuine curiosity about his work have garnered positive feedback and results from clients. 

His ability to see past lives and entities has led to profound healing experiences, even remotely, with clients experiencing immediate relief and healing. Patrice's journey from a computer programmer to a healer has been marked by transformative experiences, including encounters with spiritual beings like Archangel Raphael. 

His website, a simple one-page platform, has attracted clients seeking help with various health issues, including chronic conditions and trauma. Patrice's unique approach to energy work and healing has challenged traditional paradigms, leading to remarkable outcomes and a deep sense of purpose in his work. Despite encountering intense traumas and dark energies during readings, Patrice remains grounded and protected, guided by a deep connection to his own energy and spiritual origins. The episode promises to be mind-blowing, encouraging viewers to share their thoughts in the comments. Guy also celebrates the growth of his podcast on YouTube, thanking new subscribers for their support.

About Patrice: In 2019, a friend and I built a web directory of French dentists. We did not respect regulations and I got sued for it by the federation of french dentists. I risked 300 000€ of fine and 3 years of jail time. This was so traumatic for a small Indy business like mine that I reached a point where I would go to bed every night hoping not to wake up the next day. My guitar teacher suggested that I started a meditation practice every day. I found a small French app with guided meditations, and after a few months of practice I picked one called "stop your monkey mind". I didn't expect anything from it, but that day, I entered into the light for a few seconds, maybe a minute at the most. This was pure bliss and joy, I was laughing so hard. 

After that point my wife and I decided to spend time in Portugal because I just couldn't stay home in France, it was too much pressure waiting for a trial (the project was still being inspected by the tribunal of commerce). This is when I decided to take care of myself, by treating myself with a massage every week. This is when I met Daniela, a massage therapist and energy worker in Portugal. I did not know anything about energy work at that point. After many sessions, I vomited energy on the table and she said "I got it!". After that point I started to see emojis on people, representing their mood, embracing this energy journey with zero fear, I started to notice I could see more and more things, until we tried a healing session on my wife and when I received my first full HD visual of inside a person's body with information that would lead to a full recovery of her disease... I practiced this skill with friends and one day I started vomiting energy after reading people, exactly like in the movie "The Green Mile", and people would get better, sometimes (not always) within a few seconds...”

Key Points Discussed: 

  • (00:00) - A Medical Intuitive's Experience.
  • (08:24) - Healing through energy work.
  • (09:32) - Past life influence on health.
  • (15:34) - Meditation practice and Monkey Mind.
  • (18:31) - Energy shockwave and dark matter.
  • (21:07) - Energy work and science meets.
  • (24:39) - Past life revelations.
  • (31:45) - Energy work and its power.
  • (32:39) - Healing through lucid dreams.
  • (39:35) - Entities and energy healing.
  • (42:37) - Healing through unconventional methods.
  • (47:38) - Healing trauma through shaking.
  • (50:31) - Shift in lifestyle habits.
  • (53:03) - Seeing Buddha during meditation.
  • (59:19) - The importance of regular massages.

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