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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Oct 31, 2023

#279 In this episode, Guy talked with Patrick Paul Garlinger, who shared his personal experience of a Kundalini awakening. Patrick described how it initially started as lower back pain, but quickly escalated into a powerful and uncontrollable energy rising up from the base of his spine. The conversation delved into the concept of spiritual awakenings and the potential for transformation and integration in one's life. The episode also featured a stunning artwork that represents Guy's personal frequency, created by Sciences Sound using bio-tuning, sound, light, and vibration. Tune in to explore the possibilities of spiritual awakenings and their impact on our lives.

About Patrick: Patrick Paul Garlinger is an award-winning author and intuitive who experienced a profound spiritual awakening over a decade ago when he began to meet numerous spiritual teachers and experience higher states of consciousness. He offers psychic readings and spiritual coaching to those seeking to explore the truth of who they are. 

His first work, When Thought Turns to Light, is a primer on spiritual transformation that won the 2016 Living Now Spirit Award. That same year, his kundalini awakened, accelerating his spiritual evolution, and he downloaded a complete trilogy of channeled works. The first volume, Seeds of Light: Channeled Transmissions on the Christ Consciousness, was awarded the 2018 Living Now Silver Medal for Metaphysics. The second volume, Bending Time: The Power to Live in the Now, on how our consciousness is structured around time, was released in 2018. The third volume of the trilogy, A World Without Identity: The Sacred Task of Uniting Humanity, on the relationship between spirituality and social change, received the 2020 Living Now Silver Medal for World Peace. 

His latest book, Endless Awakening: Time, Paradox, and the Path to Enlightenment (2022), is a guide for experienced spiritual seekers who find themselves stuck on their path and offers paradox as a way of moving forward. It won a 2023 Silver Nautilus Award for Personal Growth & Self-Help. Kirkus Reviews described it as “a charming, compassionate guide to rethinking how one navigates and perceives the world.... The prose is crisp and sometimes disarmingly poignant.” 

Patrick lives in New York City with his husband and two cats. He loves his journey, which includes helping people connect with the divine inside and searching for the perfect brownie.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • (00:00) - Kundalini awakening and spiritual journey.
  • (07:45) - Dark night of the soul.
  • (11:20) - Kundalini awakening.
  • (14:47) - Kundalini awakening experience.
  • (18:23) - Integration of Kundalini awakening.
  • (22:04) - Chasing spiritual experiences.
  • (27:48) - Reading people and channeling.
  • (30:40) - Passion around time.
  • (35:11) - Being present and slowing down.
  • (41:08) - The soul's journey.
  • (45:02) - Dark night of the soul.
  • (52:59) - Finding meaning in everyday life.
  • (55:38) - Optimism in a changing world.
  • (01:00:09) - People's fundamental power.

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