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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jun 12, 2019

#76 Are you ready to get your mind blown? My fantastic guest this week is Paul Chek. You could say Paul is a world-renowned holistic health practitioner, but that would be a title that only scratches the surface.

It was truly an honor to Paul on the podcast, and it's one I am going to listen to several times to truly absorb the wisdom shared here. Brace yourself though, as this podcast goes deep and it may even challenge you... but that's a good thing right? Enjoy! :)

About Paul: Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert at developing practical and effective methods for addressing all aspects of well-being, both physical and mental. For over 20 years, Paul Chek's unique, holistic health approach to treatment and education has transformed the lives of countless men and women through programs like the P-P-S Success Mastery Program.

In 1995, he founded the C.H.E.K Institute to accommodate an ever-growing clientele and to train and certify future CHEK Practitioners. He has also produced more than 50 videos, 6 books, and 16 advanced-level home study courses while regularly contributing to several publications and websites such as, and Personal Training on the Net.

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