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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jan 12, 2020

#108 This week's podcast is an intimate and personal conversation with myself and my wife Lynda.
We thought it would be great to share our high and low points of 2019 and the lessons we took from them, and also what we are excited about in 2020. We also dive into my gut protocol I am about to embark on! Enjoy.
About Lynda: Lynda Griparic is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Writer and Yoga teacher with close to 20 years of experience in the health industry. Lynda specialises in digestive health, namely SIBO and constipation.
About Guy: He is a coach, speaker, podcaster, wellness advocate and entrepreneur. Originally co-founded natural supplement company 180 Nutrition in 2010.180 Nutrition became one of Australia’s leading natural proteins was a Telstra business awards finalist and gained multiple national media exposure or their efforts. Guy also founded the no1 ranked iTunes podcast ‘The Health Sessions’ achieving over 2 million downloads whilst interviewing some of the worlds pioneering health experts and New York times best-selling authors.

With over ten years in the health and fitness industry, Guy has also explored many facets of health including what’s deemed ‘alternative’ and the measured effects on the body; from using meditation and neuroscience to create altered states of consciousness, shamanic rituals, cold exposure and breath work to name a few.
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