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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Apr 30, 2018

#14 Eddie shares his experience with the 4 week Let It In program and the monthly group intentions. You really won't want to miss this as you listen to what we are all truly capable of...

Discover how our intentions can be amplified combined with a meditation practise so we can make true change in our lives.

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Guy: 00:05 Eddie, thanks for jumping on the call, man. I really appreciate it. Eddie: 00:07 My pleasure, Guy. I am stoked to be here.

Guy: 00:10 Mate, so, first question is, how did you find out about the Let It In program, initially?

Eddie: 00:16 Mate, it was totally random. I was just looking for some meditation practice online. I was kind of hoping to come across a meditation course and stumbled onto your one. I think that you were coming up to do something at my gym, at 5th Element. You were just about to do a Let It In, like a one-day seminar. So, I guess the universe was conspiring in that way.

Eddie: 00:46 I looked you up online through that, found that the course was starting like a couple of weeks later. A friend of mine had just done it and he loved it. He's my kind of go-to health guru, anyway, so I called him and I asked if he knew of you. He said, "Oh, yeah. I've done it and I'm doing it again." So, I signed right on and it was great.

Guy: 01:05 Okay, cool. Why were you looking for meditation course at that time? Eddie:

01:12 Dude, I just had a rough eight months of not being very kind to myself, especially mentally. I was putting together all of the physical elements, I'd put on quite a lot of weight and was just physically not very healthy. The physical was starting to happen but the mental wasn't catching up. I'm a big believer in sort of kill the body and the head will die. I just felt like I needed to bring in that other element. I needed to do some healing on my head and of my heart. So having that meditation, these daily meditations has been mind-blowing and really, really positive. Really, really positive. Guy: 01:56 Awesome. Did you have any concerns or skepticisms before starting the four-week Let It In program? Eddie:

02:05 I've never done an online course before, so I guess I was curious to see how it was gonna work. I was one of those people that believed I wasn't gonna be able to meditate. So, a part of me was kind of little bit worried that I was just gonna be throwing my cash away and never able to do it. Yeah. As soon as the course started, I mean, the first five days was difficult and then, by the second week, it was like, I was just in the zone. Now, I meditate twice a day, so it's great.

Guy: 02:46 Amazing. That's a great point, actually. So, you were a bit concerned about it being online, the program, but were those concerns met? How did you find it once you got go in within the four weeks?

Eddie: 02:56 For me, it was way better. I think I have a pretty busy lifestyle and I work a very physical job. So, to be able to have the morning meditations that are just there in my Dropbox that I just jump on every morning and then, instead of coming home and watching Netflix, I could just jump on that, it gave me focus. It was something that I could do while I ate my dinner. It just fit into the schedule really well. I couldn't imagine doing it any other way. Eddie:

03:29 Sometimes finding the time to ... I ended up watching videos and if not every day, every second day and I've rewatched a lot of them, or I did rewatch a lot of them while I was doing the course. If I was trying to make it to a venue every day on top of work and the gym and shopping and lot of stuff, yeah, it would be difficult. So, I love it. I'm a huge believer in online courses. Why not? It's 2018, that's why the Internet is there for.

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