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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Oct 11, 2020

#140 This week, I am here with the amazing Caroline Cory. Caroline is an author and the founder of the OMnium Method™. She also recently directed and produced a mind-blowing documentary called Superhuman: Making the Invisible Visible, which is based on the incredible experiences of individuals with extra-sensory powers that seem to defy the laws of physics known to us today.

This conversation with Caroline is particularly interesting because we as modern humans have become so familiar with the way we feel and think and with our bodies, that we have just accepted that to be the way things are. This episode aims to tell you that that should not necessarily be the case. We can see and be connected to the world with more than our five senses and we are able to do more than we give ourselves credit for.

So, this week’s conversation will hopefully enable you to become more empowered, confident, and to live with less fear.

About Caroline: Caroline Cory is a futurist, a visionary author and the founder of the OMnium Method™. Even though Caroline completed graduate studies in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, most of her knowledge and deeper awareness came about through direct experience, which she talks about in her books and courses.

Caroline's encounter with the worlds of Consciousness, Energy Medicine and Spirituality started at the early age of 5 when she spontaneously began to perceive various forms of subtle energy. With time, her ability to perceive and discern subtle energy with precision allowed her to identify what Source Energy really is. She could experience and understand more deeply the cosmic roadmap and the structure of consciousness, the multi-dimensional configuration of the human body and mind as well as the construct of earthly reality. Because Caroline's own deeper awareness and consciousness expansion happened mostly through direct experience and beyond the textbooks, the OMnium Method™ of Learning and Healing is also based on a unique form of experiential methodology. In healing, this method raises the cells’ vibration through resonance, which in turn allows the cellular DNA reprogramming and the healing to occur organically.

Key points with time stamp:

  • Caroline’s work in her own words (3:43)
  • What is energy medicine? (7:36)
  • About Caroline’s documentary, Superhuman (14:22)
  • Experiments around telekinesis and remote viewing included in the documentary (19:15)
  • What role does belief play in our actions and what we can accomplish? (24:44)
  • Is it possible to see with our brains and not with our eyes? (26:30)
  • Was Caroline able to maintain a connection to the spiritual world all throughout her life? (29:31)
  • On deepening our spiritual connections (33:23)
  • Can anybody accomplish superhuman actions? (36:46)
  • What is telekinesis and remote viewing? (37:29)
  • Caroline’s hope for the movie in the future (43:02)
  • What does Caroline’s morning routine look like? (48:22)
  • Caroline’s choice of a dinner guest, from any timeframe (49:24)
  • What Caroline leaves us with (50:08)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible. 2020. Documentary by Caroline Cory
  • Energy Medicine
  • Donald Hoffman
  • The Case Against Reality (2019), book by Donald Hoffman
  • Jesus Christ

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