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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Sep 6, 2021

#185 This week, I’m here with the amazing Dr Amit Goswami and Dr Valentina R. Onisor. Amit is a professor of physics and together with Valentina, a practicing physician, they established Quantum Activism Vishwalayam, an institution of transformative education in India, based on quantum science and the primacy of consciousness.

During our conversation today, we talk about the quantum brain, the role of upbringing and trauma in our wholistic health, the potentials we so often ignore, and how so many minds are tensed up due to living in a state of survival. If you think you’ve been living in survival mode and are looking for a way to break out, this is the episode for you.

About Dr Amit: Amit Goswami, PhD is a retired professor of physics from the University of Oregon where he served from 1968-1997. In 1985, he discovered the solution to the quantum measurement problem and developed a science of experience explicating how consciousness splits into subject and object. Subsequently, he developed a theory of reincarnation and integrated conventional and alternative medicine within the new quantum science of health.

Among his discoveries are the quantum theory of the creative process, the theory of quantum evolution, the science of love and happiness, the theory of quantum economics, and the theory of quantum spirituality based on the exploration of wholeness. In 1991, Amit started a movement called quantum activism, now gaining ground in North and South America, Europe, and India. In 2018, he and his collaborators established Quantum Activism Vishwalayam, an institution of transformative education in India, based on quantum science and the primacy of consciousness.

About Dr. Valentina: Valentina Onisor, MD, is a practicing physician specializing in family medicine, who integrates various systems of alternative medicine into her medical practice. Committed to consciousness awakening related sciences for over two decades and a pioneer of quantum integrative medicine, Valentina is also a yoga and meditation teacher. She has made correlations between the ancient sciences and quantum physics using both as a support for her teachings. Through a unique system of quantum healing, Valentina inspires people to achieve enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual health that allows for profound and long-lasting integration and regeneration on all levels.

As a leader in transformational education, Valentina serves as a teacher, co-founder and Dean of Students at Quantum Activism Vishwalayam, India. She is a lecturer at Quantum Academy in Brazil and an acting consultant for the Center for Quantum Activism in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Valentina is currently offering a number of courses and workshops oriented towards healing and spiritual transformation.

She is also a co-author (along with Dr. Amit Goswami) of the recently released books, Quantum Spirituality and The Quantum Brain as well as of the upcoming books, The Awakening of IntelligenceQuantum Integrative Medicine, and The Quantum Science of Love and Relationships.

Dr Amit & Valentina's Website:
faculty - Center for Quantum Activism (

Amit’s Books: Amit Goswami: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

The Quantum Brain Book:
Quantum brain - Kindle edition by Goswami , Amit. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Key points with time stamp:

  • The Pursuit of Wholeness (00:00)
  • How did Valentina and Amit’s journeys meet? (00:42)
  • The role of the quantum brain in our overall healing (05:33)
  • Limiting the abilities of our brains and its effects (13:23)
  • Are you frozen in the base levels of existence? (19:23)
  • What is “quantum?” (21:45)
  • Has the necessity of survival tensed up your mind? (25:12)
  • How can we resist falling back into our old routines? (29:02)
  • Realizing the control of negative emotions over us (33:14)
  • Valentina’s application of quantum healing (38:59)
  • Can mental trauma affect the body? (40:09)
  • Addressing your relationship with yourself in the process of healing (46:23)
  • Can we be optimistic about the future? (48:32)
  • Is pain a useful instrument? (56:26)
  • The importance of gratitude (01:00:41)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • The Quantum Brain, 2021. Valentina and Amit's book
  • Quantum Activism Vishwalayam, the university established by Amit and Valentia
  • Descartes

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