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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Aug 16, 2020

#132 My awesome guest this week is Peter Panagore. Honestly, this episode is mind-blowing. 
Peter had an NDE (near-death experience) whilst ice-climbing. He recounts the whole story, along what happened when he died, and how he adjusted to life after the whole experience. My jaw was open for most of this conversation, and it will certainly leave you wondering in awe of this magical experience we call life. Enjoy!
About Peter: Global Audible Best-Selling Author of Heaven Is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just The Beginning, entrepreneur and ordained pastor, Rev. Peter Baldwin Panagore, MDiv, broadcast for fifteen years (2006-2018) for a daily two-minute spot on two NBC TV stations with Daily Devotions (brand) just before the morning’s weather. Storytelling, communicator, public speaker, pastor, and storyteller, Peter had thirty million views annually on TV (Nielsen Ratings) and uncounted listeners on FM and AM across Maine and New Hampshire, and around the nation.

Peter graduated from Yale University where he completed his MDiv with a focus on the practices and writings in the classics of western mysticism.

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– He previously served as a United Church of Christ minister and pastor in Maine and Connecticut. He now speaks from pulpits, stages, and on national and international media about Near Death Experience, the Reality of God, Christian mysticism, meditation, and prayer.

– Reverend Peter Panagore, M.Div (Yale) has had two near-death experiences, the first while ice climbing in 1980 and the second in 2015 due to a heart attack. In this episode, he recalls his near death experience in March 1980 when he went ice climbing along the Ice Fields Parkway in Alberta Canada with an experienced ice climber. He shares their countless misfortunes on their descent, how he was overcome by exhaustion and hypothermia. He recalls being in a proverbial tunnel and in those minutes, he has experience hell, forgiveness, and unconditional love. He also has encountered God.

– He has kept his Near Death Experience while ice climbing a secret for twenty years. When Rev. Peter died on the side of mountain along the Ice Fields Parkway in Alberta Canada, his life was forever changed. Panagore’s death experience resulted in an intense spiritual journey that has continued for decades. The experience compelled him to pursue a master’s degree at Yale Divinity School, focusing on systematic technology and Christian mysticism.

– He now runs a global spiritual counseling service for “closet mystcs”, and has been practicing Zazen/Centering Prayer and Kundalini/Kriya Yoga for forty years. He is also focusing on the mystical teachings of the Bible.

– His pursuit is God, and God alone. He continues to seek oneness of being. He believes that the only reality is God is real. After his NDE, he has been praying every day for his death. He is no longer afraid in the face of death.

Resources mentioned on Podcast (any references to websites, books, podcasts, mentors, poets)
• William Blake
• William Wordworth
• William James- Varieties of religious experience
• Emanuel Swedenborg- best know for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell (1758). He began to experience mystical dreams and visions in 1744.
• Transcendentalism in New England: A History by Octivus Protingham
• The Bhagavad Gita- the most famous of all Indian scriptures, is universally regarded as one of the world’s spiritual and literary masterpieces.
• Psychedelic effects Ayahuasca (John Hopkins University)- high dozes of hallucinoges can and do create unitive state of beings of non duality that have the same or similar lasting after effects of near death experience.

Key Points he would like to leave to the listeners:
The only way out is in.
God is love. Everywhere. All the time. Love is the treasure of life.
The more you give away, the more you get to keep.

“I know I am not from here. I know where I am from. I know where I am going. My adventurous soul is free to explore, and I am always pushing the edges socially, culturally, prayerfully, theologically, mystically”

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