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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Feb 2, 2020

#111 My lovely guest this week is Dr Theresa Bullard, a Ph.D. physicist, author, teacher, guide and master teacher at the modern mystery school.

I first came across her work on GAIA TV with her hit show 'Mystery Teachings'. She has an incredible gift of blending her science teachings with ancient wisdom, and how this can truly impact our lives once understood.

Even though some of the topics we cover can seem quite dense, we have a great conversation that's applicable to everyone as we dive into her journey on how a scientist merged her work with spirituality. Enjoy.

About Theresa:

Throughout her life-long journey, Dr. Theresa Bullard has discovered innovative ways to weave together her formal education as a Ph.D. Physicist, with her deep training in the western Mystery School tradition.

She has a passion and gift for uniting science and spiritual wisdom together in a practical way. Drawing from these diverse fields she teaches others the keys to applying universal principles directly to life for powerful results. Her goal is to empower people to accelerate their progression, activate inner gifts, expand consciousness, and create their ultimate life. Dr. Theresa travels internationally teaching several of the advanced trainings offered by the Modern Mystery School. She is also the host of Mystery Teachings  on Gaia TV  which bridges science and ancient metaphysics to help us achieve our greater potential. 

Dr. Theresa received her Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Washington in 2008 and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. 

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