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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Nov 21, 2023

#282 In this podcast Guy talked with Vincent Genna, a former actor turned psychic medium. Vincent discussed his journey and experiences with spirituality, mediumship, and extraterrestrial communication. He shared how he initially resisted his psychic abilities but eventually embraced them after a profound spiritual awakening. Vincent explained the importance of clearing negative emotions and beliefs to open up channels of intuition and connection. He also discussed the connection between energy, emotions, and physical ailments. Vincent revealed that he has been communicating with an intergalactic spirit council and emphasizes that extraterrestrials are not here to harm us but to assist in our evolution. He highlighted the current state of the world and the need for humanity to overcome fear and embrace spiritual growth.

About Tara: Psychic Therapist and Spiritual Teacher, Vincent Genna MSW. 

For almost four decades, Vincent has helped thousands of people around the world heal, unlock and release their passions and purpose, and transform their lives through his inspiring radio and television interviews, dynamic and loving keynote presentations, workshops and classes, and private sessions. An authentic and gifted psychic medium with the knowledge and experience of a psychotherapist and the big, charming personality of a showman, Vincent offers his audience and clients the opportunity for deep emotional healing, radical spiritual awakenings, and the key to make everything they attempt work. His range of experience with humans, animals, and spirits is beyond compare, but also his communication skills have even gone beyond this universe! For the past few years, Vincent has been communicating with an inter-galactical council of extraterrestrial beings in spirit who contacted him first to help share the truth about UFOs, aliens, and human abductions. 

Vincent has appeared on well over a hundred major ABC, CBS, NBC, and Gaia TV shows, including Beyond Belief, World News Today and Good Morning America. Not only is Vincent beloved on national television, Sky Network, the second largest broadcast television network in the UK, also featured Vincent as a regular guest on their new Feel-Good Factor channel.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • (00:00) - SHOCKING PSYCHIC Abilities Activated After Man's Plea For Guidance
  • (10:07) - Awakening can lead to unexpected gifts.
  • (15:29) - Profound spiritual awakening and transformation.
  • (21:17) - Unconditional love heals and transforms.
  • (27:23) - Embrace your spiritual power fully.
  • (29:42) - Emotions affect physical health.
  • (36:08) - Open your mind, embrace intuition.
  • (40:59) - Connecting with aliens through psychic abilities.
  • (48:51) - Aliens are our brothers and sisters.
  • (54:29) - Planet in chaos, needs change.
  • (01:02:41) - Take care of ourselves and the planet.
  • (01:02:50) - Empower yourself before empowering others.
  • (01:08:09) - Vincent Genna offers helpful resources.

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