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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

May 10, 2020

#125 My lovely guest this week is Alja Hopkins, a Clinical Social Worker/Health Professional; an Evidence-Based EFT & Optimal EFT Practitioner and HeartMath Mentor/Coach. 
I met Alja at a Dr Joe Dispenza retreat a few years ago. We stayed connected and she later came to our Live In Flow Retreats (twice!). She not only shares her own breakthroughs from our retreats, she also shares her incredible practitioner knowledge and the fears she has overcome over the years to step into her future now.
Topics Discussed:
- trauma relief and resiliency building work
- how she healed the trauma of her dad passing suddenly
- how eft has helped her
- why heartmath is a great technique and starting point
- what to do when you feel stuck

About Alja: Alja Hopkins is a Clinical Social Worker/Health Professional; Evidence-Based EFT & Optimal EFT Practitioner and HeartMath Mentor/Coach. Alja is also passionate about energy psychology/medicine, neuroscience, meditation, and supporting others on their journey towards their desired future.
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