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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Feb 23, 2020

#114 My lovely guest this week is Judy Millington, a recent Live In Flow Retreat attendee.

Her journey is incredible, and I reached out to her and asked if she would come on the show to share. Enjoy!

Show notes from Judy's journey:

  • Judy is a country girl at heart having been blessed to spend her youth on 150 acres in South Gippsland, Victoria, with a creek bordering two boundaries, sheep, cattle and a veggie garden. This was an era in the mid-70s to mid-80s where farming was organic without the fancy label.

  • Despite the fresh air, climbing trees and frolicking amongst the rolling hills a particular event, just prior to her teenage years, had the impact of ‘freezing’ Judy in time.

  • A cascade of physical symptoms from a general feeling of unwellness, nausea, stomach pain, unwavering fatigue, foggy head and lack of clarity have ensued over the course of the last 40 years to varying degrees.

  • A relentless search for ‘answers’ since her teens and a barrage of medical and functional practitioner visits, countless tests, protocols, nutrition and supplementation has at best enabled short term respite.

  • Judy began to work with Dave O’Brien at 5th Element Wellness, as a result of Judy’s body breaking down, which lead to the introduction to Guy Lawrence’s Let It In Academy and more recently the Live in Flow Retreat facilitated by Guy, Matt Omo and Petra Brzovic.

  • For the first time Judy started really looking within, as the source of her physical symptoms.

  • Judy was also undiagnosed post-partum depression at the birth of her daughter and has carried guilt around this for the last 19 years, of which there was a massive at the recent Live in Flow Retreat.

  • More than anything Judy is so grateful that her husband, without dipping his toe into any of this work prior, on faith joined Judy at the retreat to support her. It became clearly evident on day one that he had his own journey to take, but that is another story.

  • Through becoming present for the first time in her life and being more aware and accepting of her inner dialogue, thoughts and feelings Judy’s axis is shifting back on course (and continues to positively impact all areas of her life).

  • Judy subscribes to the notion that there is no magic external pill to fix all ills, but firmly believes all that we are seeking and all the resources we need to feel whole are already within us.


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