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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Nov 29, 2023

#283 In this podcast episode, Guy reunited with Barry Goldstein, a musician and sound healer. He discussed the power of music and sound in healing and transformation. He emphasized the importance of aligning intention with emotion, as the emotion carries the intention. Barry shared his personal experiences with using music as a tool for healing, including his work on the album "The Heart Codes." He also highlighted the significance of individualized medicine and the need to approach sound healing on a personal level. Barry encouraged listeners to explore different frequencies and music that resonate with them, and to use sound as a daily practice for nourishing and upgrading their energy.

About Barry: Barry Goldstein is a musitarian whose passion is utilizing music, or as he calls it, “The Universal Language of Love as a vehicle for transformation. As a performer, Barry has touched audiences with music from his critically acclaimed series “Ambiology” and his inspirational albums “The Moment” and “Shine. 

He has composed and produced music for New York Times best selling authors:Dr. Daniel Amen, Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr Joe Dispenza, and Anita Moorjani In addition he has composed live music for Doreen Virtue, Michael Beckwith, James Van Praagh and Colette Baron Reid. Mr. Goldstein has hosted several radio show’s, written articles and facilitates workshops on utilizing music, sound and vibration in the healing process. 

Barry’s music is being used in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, and medical practices. Barry is a keynote speaker for medical conferences and is a sought-after speaker for New Thought conferences presenting cutting edge research on how music is being utilized for medical conditions. In 2019 a team of researchers from major universities will be studying Barry’s music to determine health benefits.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • (00:00) - The MAGIC'S In The Intention
  • (01:14) - The power of music as a tool for healing and transformation
  • (02:26) - Introduction to the podcast episode with Barry Goldstein
  • (03:16) - Barry's description of himself as a "musetarian"
  • (04:01) - The changing awareness of sound and its power over the years
  • (08:01) - The intention and emotion behind composing "The Heart Codes" album
  • (17:24) - The importance of intention and emotion in music composition
  • (19:56) - The story of how Barry's promise to his father led to a collaboration with Les Paul
  • (23:07) - The significance of creating sacred spaces for grief and other rites of passage
  • (28:06) - The importance of being present in the labor of love and allowing ourselves to fully experience transitions
  • (32:41) - Using music and sound as a daily practice for nourishing ourselves
  • (35:36) - The relationship between sound, emotions, and the release of armors around the heart
  • (39:45) - The individualized approach to sound healing and the limitations of a one-size-fits-all mindset
  • (43:59) - The concept of panacea and the importance of individualized medicine in sound healing
  • (48:23) - Encouragement to approach music and sound with curiosity and personal resonance
  • (49:09) - The recognition of ourselves as instruments and the power of using our own voices and breath for healing

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