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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Apr 30, 2018

#14 Eddie shares his experience with the 4 week Let It In program and the monthly group intentions. You really won't want to miss this as you listen to what we are all truly capable of...

Discover how our intentions can be amplified combined with a meditation practise so we can make true change in our lives.

You can...

Apr 26, 2018

#13 My awesome guest this week is adventurer Luke Richmond.

If you are tiered of the mundane and need a little inspiration to make change, then this podcast episode is for you.

Luke's adventures include:

  • Climbed the highest mountains on six continents
  • Set a new world record for ocean rowing across the Atlantic
  • Battled...

Apr 23, 2018

#12 We all know meditation is good for us... so why do most people don't do it or struggle with it?

I believe this is partly because we don't truly understand it and how we can truly reap the benefits from it by making it a regular practise. Meditation for me used to feel like some mystical concept that I would get to...

Apr 18, 2018

#11 This week I welcome to the show my good friend Jordan Travers.

Strap yourself in as we go straight down the rabbit hole with his near death and outer body experience, his journey with the sacred ritual Ayahuasca (the vine of the souls) and his remarkable career as a holistic health coach.

We also discuss his...

Apr 11, 2018

#10 This week we welcome to the show Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

This week I bring you Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. I could listen to this conversation over and over again as there is so much wisdom here from Don Miguel. Sit back and enjoy as he shares his life's teaching with us to better our lives daily.

About Don Miguel: When he was...