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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Apr 18, 2018

#11 This week I welcome to the show my good friend Jordan Travers.

Strap yourself in as we go straight down the rabbit hole with his near death and outer body experience, his journey with the sacred ritual Ayahuasca (the vine of the souls) and his remarkable career as a holistic health coach.

We also discuss his excellent new book;

Man Alive - Free your mind. Reclaim your health. Discover your true nature.

About Jordan: When he was 16, Jordan crashed a moped at 60 miles an hour, breaking bones and crushing his trachea, which placed him in a coma. The journey through intense medical and rehabilitative procedures was completely life-changing and propelled him to health and wellness.

Since earning a bachelor in Biomedical Science and Pre-Medicine, Jordan has personally coached over 100 clients one on one and has influenced several hundred more in group settings. Many of his clients are successful business owners and executives, who sacrifice their health for their career and seek Jordan’s help to reclaim their vitality. Jordan co-created the world’s first 12-week holistic corporate wellness program The Ultimate Reboot, which has delivered incredible results for hundreds of employees from some of the largest organisations in Australia.

Additionally, Jordan is now focusing on hosting personal transformation retreats in beautiful destinations around the world, where men can reconnect with themselves, with inspiring people and with nature.

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