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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Dec 26, 2018

#49 My awesome guest this week is Brandee Powell, The co-creator of Rythmia Life Advancement center in Costa Rica.
I invited Brandee on the show as she is truly an amazing example of living life to your highest potential and overcoming the fears and doubts we all face on a daily basis.. Enjoy!
About Brandee: Brandee Powell is a healer, medicine woman, speaker, artist, and entrepreneur dedicated to supporting the awakening of your soul so that you may live your highest potential.
She is one of the co-creators of Rythmia Life Advancement center in Costa Rica where she has helped thousands to wake up and create a life that they love. Brandee founded the Majesty Mystery School that blends technologies from the ancient mystery schools of the world emphasizing technologies from ancient Egypt, India and Atlantis, Indigenous shamanic practices with her unique modern day tools and techniques that continue support her personal spiritual growth.
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