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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Aug 21, 2019

#88 My awesome guest this week is Dawson Church, Award-winning author & energy psychology researcher.
I invited Dawson to come back on my show to discuss his incredible book MInd To Matter; The Astonishing Science Of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality. 
We covered a lot of ground in this episode, and if this doesn't inspire you to start a meditation practice, then I don't know what will :) Enjoy.
About Dawson:  Dawson Church is a health writer and researcher who has edited or authored a number of books in the fields of health, psychology, and spirituality. His principal works are The Genie in Your Genes, which reviews the research linking consciousness, emotion, and gene expression, and Mind to Matter, which examines the science of peak mental states. 
He has published many scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, collaborating with scholars at various universities on outcome studies of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. He is the editor of the peer-reviewed journal Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment and general manager of Energy Psychology Press, which maintains a research bibliography and case histories at EFT Universe, one of the most-visited alternative medicine sites on the web. He is a blogger for the Huffington Post and science columnist for Unity magazine.